How to quickly get rid of the worms: treatment and prevention of infection

If you experience an infection with the helminth, and how to get rid of worms, if the parasites were already settled in the body? There are several methods for the treatment and prevention, of which everyone should know.

The human body is a wonderful place for the life and development of various microorganisms and parasites. In particular, this issue relates to children, who by reason of age, often do not follow the basic rules of hygiene, for example, you lick your fingers dirty, take in your hand the stray cats.

the worms man

The risk of contracting helminths

Initially, the worms live in water or on land. They are widely spread in our climate zone, thanks to the ability to maintain its vitality. Eat washed products, or the dirty water, it is necessary to remember that the larvae of the worms may enter with her into the body through the digestive system.

Before finally putting down roots in the small intestine and become adult worms, the larvae are going to move through the walls of the blood vessels and mucous membranes. Helminths are promoted through the body, overcoming the liver, the bronchi and other organs. After a long road, but in the end they fall to their destination — the small intestine, where to settle forever. Here worms can live up to 1.5 years.

The female of the elminto, appeared in a man's body, attains full maturity 60-80 days after the infection. Then she begins to lay eggs, which aggravates the course of the disease.

The risk of being infected by worms increases the frequent use of "kebab" or dried fish. In addition, the infection can occur if the eat is not enough well-washed fruit or vegetables. The worms are transmitted from sick to healthy in the case of non-observance of rules of personal hygiene.

If one of the members of the family were detected ossiuri, the treatment is assigned to all and roundworms from person to person not transmitted. Combat pests in a variety of ways. Before treating worms, you should know that the intake of some drugs by yourself is not advisable. You should first consult on the treatment method with the doctor.

The symptoms of infection

Known a range of symptoms that indicate the presence of worms in the human body. They can be the most different. Some of them directly indicate the presence of parasites, the rest are only in combination with different symptoms.

The main signs of the appearance of worms: the rapid decline of mass body, and disorders of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, when this occurs often, nausea, and skin rashes. The persistent pain in the area of umbilical is an explicit confirmation of the infection. When you receive the periodical dry cough, which was spontaneously passed, there is the possibility that his reason was penetration in the respiratory tract of these pests. A symptom the appearance of worms ossiuri) can serve itching in the anal area.

In children in the presence of worms in the body often occurs creak teeth during sleep. The symptoms manifest in a different way. It all depends on the variety of parasites and how the body reacts to their playing. If the above listed symptoms for a long time not pass and get rid of them does not work, you should be cautious and consult a doctor.

To do the test is very important, because the presence in the body of a worm, can affect the nervous system. For example, another symptom of worms is excessive irritability, insomnia, restless sleep. This is due to the reaction of the immune system to parasites. In the presence of the worms on the skin may appear different allergic reactions: skin rashes, eczema.

the symptoms of worms

It is worthwhile to pay attention to the fact that the disease may seep and without symptoms. To reveal the presence of a person of helminths, should do a review. It is possible to define the helminth and to the house. For this you need to do an enema, and study cal.

In the presence of the worms in this mode, it will be possible to see small white worms. After that you should immediately start the treatment. It is extremely important to remove from the body of the child, because it is very sensitive to these parasites.

The delivery of testing for the presence of worms

If you suspect worms they need to overcome the faeces in the laboratory for analysis. Allow you to determine in the body the presence of the following parasites:

  • ascariasis;
  • trichinosis;
  • hookworm.

It is important to collect the material for analysis correctly, in a way that does not enter the urine. Store in the refrigerator it should be, the temperature should not be below 8°C. in order To obtain a more accurate result it is necessary to make an examination for three times. Along with this, you can do a blood test, by which to identify a high level of eosinophils, demonstrating an allergic reaction to the worms.

The parasites can be transmitted to the infant from the mother, then pregnant women necessarily go analysis of the worms. During pregnancy it is very important to quickly get rid of the parasites, as this can be dangerous for the baby. The treatment must always appoint the physician, however, there are some popular methods to get rid of these parasites.

It is important not to delay treatment, because this can cause a variety of complications.

Because the worms are able to move through the blood stream, penetrating into almost all organs, including the lungs, liver and other. If you ignore the disease and do not treat the worms, can develop appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, or special jaundice.

Folk remedies

Pharmaceutical companies offer a variety of drugs against the worms. These medicines are very effective. Take the means, respecting the specified dosage, then the risk of side effects is low. Children and pregnant women some of them may be contraindicated. How to get rid of worms, if the drugs are contraindicated? In this case, you can resort to traditional medicine, which currently does not lose relevance.

For example, it is quite effective eliminates roundworms and ossiuri garlic. At its base there are several popular recipes that allow you to get rid of problems by themselves at home.

To make a good remedy against worms, you'll need garlic (2-3 cloves), grind, and pour in the hot milk. Drink drink need within 3 days. Turn ossiuri is possible with the help of enemas of garlic and milk, you need to do for the night. For enema solder in the milk, garlic, cool, and filter. Then the mixture is used as the fluid for the enema. This recipe helps to eliminate these harmful pests.

This is an ancient method of purification by worms, suitable for adults. Need to eat a clove of garlic and drink heated milk and after 2 hours of taking a laxative medicine. Ossiuri, and other varieties of worms, you can view drink on an empty stomach of pumpkin seeds.

A small child suitable for the following tool. For its preparation it is necessary to take the carrot juice, a few drops of lemon juice and sugar. Drink a drink needed in the morning in the space of a few days.


How to view parasites? Worming treatment and drugs should prescribe the doctor. The treatment can be consists of several stages. First, it is necessary to prepare the body of the patient. For this he has appointed the reception of special herbal oils. This will allow you to expel the waste products of helminths.


The second phase of treatment includes the acquisition of antihelminthic drugs, which are sold in most pharmacies. Often sick, and to prescribe the drug, which paralyzes the muscles, parasites, bringing the pests in a natural way (through the intestines). During the processing of the data medication parasites can be seen in the pas-de-calais.

If you have multiple types of parasites prescribed special preparation. Has a wide action and is assigned for the treatment of worms tape and when mixed helminthoses.

The final phase — taking drugs, by restoring the function of the lungs and of the liver and make the work of the DIGESTIVE tract normal. The medicines must be selected, given the type of parasites present in the body.

The prevention of the disease

You should know that alert the infection is much easier than cure. There are some simple rules, which is very important to respect, to avoid the appearance of this annoying problem.

The main rule is the respect for personal hygiene. A baby little problem with the child to teach to wash hands with soap and water, especially before eating and after a walk in the open air. You need as often as possible to remind the children about the need of a thorough washing of hands after using the toilet.

We recommend that you manage the fruits and vegetables before a meal. Be sure to wash with hot water. It is possible to first use, wash with boiling water.

Play and petting unknown animals is not recommended, since these animals are often carriers of not only the worms but also of other diseases. Pets need to be periodically special antihelminthic funds.

For children it is necessary to monitor carefully, because they like to lift off the ground things are different and try to taste them. It is especially important not to give the children to try and objects, raised with loose soil.

Bad processed meat and fish should be used with caution. These products require a heat treatment.

By following these rules, you can protect yourself and your body. During the period of treatment it is important to respect the rules of hygiene to avoid being infected again.