Prevention of worms in children and in adults

No measures, that will be able to completely eliminate the risk of infection by parasites. Hygiene is not a guarantee that the body does not inhabit the helminths.

Shocking to many is the fact that 70-80% of people in the world are infected by parasites, sometimes several types at the same time. Considering so mind-boggling statistics, the question arises, if it is necessary to prevent worms in children and in adults?

It is possible to avoid worms through prevention and proper nutrition

If a decision is taken to adopt preventive measures, as is often the need to conduct a what are the drugs, or the popular recipes for this it is better to use?

the worms man

If you are in need of the prevention of worms?

The answer to the question, if you are in need of the prevention of helminth infection, no.

In modern medicine, there are 3 opinions:

  1. To make the treatment of worms only required when the analyses have confirmed their presence and has helped to set the type of the parasite, is allowed in the body. In advance the taking of tablets is not recommended, especially children, because de-worming medications are toxic.
  2. The opposite point of view – must be regularly two times a year to drink anthelmintic broad-spectrum drugs for the prevention. There are pills that cause fewer side effects and can help protect the body from the worms.

The bot is dangerous for the man, at any age, but is particularly pernicious influence on children. The parasites can live in any organ, tissue: from the depths, up to the lungs and to the brain. Absorb the flesh, useful substances, highlighting the huge amount of toxins, poisons the body.

In adults results in the development of chronic diseases, which fails to mature in the course of the years.

In small children, as well as diseases, begins a delay in physical development. Considering this fact, it's better to go on the safe side and take drugs, risking the health.

  1. There is an alternative version. In accordance with her eat antihelminthic drugs may, without examinations, if there are signs that indicate the presence of parasites. From this point of view adheres to dr. Komorowski.

In which cases is it justified to adjust antihelminthic prevention:

  • in the presence of pets, or frequent contact with animals;
  • if the children are playing in a sandbox, in contact with the ground;
  • when the hobby of a person is fishing, hunting;
  • after traveling in exotic countries.

Prevention is mandatory in frequent contact with domestic animals

Necessarily need to take medication against the worms all the family members, if one of them has revealed helminths, mainly transmitted directly from person to person. Also better to take preventive measures, if some of the children in a group or in class your child has been diagnosed with the presence of parasites.

prevention of worms

How to do prevention?

Reduce to a minimum the risk of infection by worms will help the observance of simple preventive measures:

  • enough heat treatment of food, especially meat and fish;
  • consumption of purified water;
  • the respect of the rules of personal hygiene, in particular hand washing with soap and water before each meal and after each visit to the bathroom;
  • taking anthelmintic prevention of animals;
  • regular change of linen.

But sometimes these measures are insufficient, therefore, to take de-worming funds.

Thorough washing of hands reduces the risk of infection parasites multiple times

Good pills to prevent worms

In the pharmacy, many medications, designed for the destruction of the worms. They are divided into specific and non-specific. Particular pills will help to get rid of an particular kind of pests. Have focused on the action, and the most toxic. Non-specific drugs have a wide range of actions, by destroying different types of worms. They have a minimum of side effects, and are therefore suitable for the prevention. Take the means are not more than two times a year.

Folk remedies

If the symptoms that may indicate infected from the worms, or the desire to spend on prevention, not by use of drugs, including folk remedies.

Popular popular recipes for the preventive treatment of worms:

the prevention in case of contact with the animals
  1. 4 cloves garlic, minced salt and pour 200 ml of milk. Drinking on an empty stomach, after which not to eat 2 hours. For children the amount of ingredients to reduce by half.
  2. Pour the walnut leaves in boiling water for 20 minutes. Drink ready to the broth (25 ml) before each meal for 3 days.
  3. In the course of 12 hours to insist leaves, elecampane, soaked in boiling water. Drink 4 times a day before meals.

For people who want to protect themselves from infection by worms, useful regularly eaten raw, pumpkin seeds, spices, drink fresh fruit juices, especially of pomegranate, carrot. Popular prevention with proper application will provide a positive result.

To prevent the worms must be regularly all your family members. Also, twice a year, antihelminthic therapy should be performed between all pets. Together with the observance of the rules of personal hygiene and the correct handling of the products before use, this will help to greatly reduce the risk of infection by worms.