Funds from worms and parasites to man: pills and drugs

The human body is an ideal home for a multitude of varieties of worms and other parasites. Penetrating in a favorable environment, parasites absorb the nutrients and useful bacteria for his master, poisoning the human body the products of his life, with the consequence that worsens the overall well-being and health.

funds from worms and parasites

All helminths adversely affect the full functioning of the internal organs and systems, substantially inhibiting the natural processes of the human body. They can cause serious pathological changes, serious illness.

In some cases, the symptoms helminthiasis may miss it, with the result that in the body of a man, parasites can live for years, with no signs of not to give. However, show signs, indirectly, testify to the presence of helminths – nausea, the systematic headaches, a new violation of the chair, dizziness, allergic reactions.

It is necessary to take into consideration, such as drugs against parasites there are, depending on the classification, what are the pills more effective against all types of parasites. And if it is possible to get rid of worms, if you drink only herbal medicines?

The symptoms and the classification of the funds

Modern pharmacological market has various drugs, in possession of a pesticide effect. Some of them act in a selective way, that is, able to destroy a single type of helminth.

Other disastrous way they act on two or more types of parasite at the same time, then they are recommended when not declared type of infestation by helminth, or when mixed helminthoses.

The therapy may include not only de-worming medicines, but and laxatives, immunomodulators, tools that improve the immunity of human.

It is worth remembering that each medicine has its indications and contraindications for use, side effects, therefore it is recommended by the patient's physician.

Drugs against parasites can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Protivozastojnye pills disastrous impact on the ribbon in the class of worms. Usually, the therapy of them is assigned, if the worms are localized in the intestine, but it can help and if extraintestinal form of pest infestations.
  2. Protivopolozhnye medicines are recommended for the treatment of the intestinal form of nematodosis.
  3. Protivorevmaticalkie medication helps to get rid of all types of parasitic flukes.

It is worth noting that all of the above-listed parasites, the drugs have a selective effect, i.e. they kill only certain classes of parasites.

As practice shows medical signs of infestation of worms infestations may be absent, or symptoms that resemble other diseases. For example, ossiuri are similar to an appendicitis attack, and the hookworms in the lungs that is often confused with pneumonia.

In addition to this, often helminthiasis confused with respiratory diseases and cataract as sore throat, sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis and so on. Indicate how the symptoms of the infestation of worms infestation in children and adults:

funds from worms and parasites recipes
  • Error in the functioning of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. It usually shows systematic diarrhea or constipation, increased flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome.
  • The pain in the joints and muscles, allergic reactions.
  • Anemia, as well as many of the helminths feed on human blood.
  • Inflammatory processes in the airways.

And also, it reduces or increases the body weight. In the first case, the parasites actively absorb the nutrients of his master, with the result that the body weakens. In the second case, the body of a man devoid of energy, as a result, there is a strong hunger, leading to eat several times more than normal.

It is worth mentioning that the long period of permanence of worms in the human body not only inhibits the functioning of the body, but weakens the immune system, as a result, it is not excluded, a change of the epithelial cells in cancer education.

Drugs against the parasites in a wide spectrum

Before recommending funds by parasites, the doctor assigns the rest of the analysis. As a general rule, the analysis of the stool allows you to set, if there are in the human body parasites and worms.

In some situations, when the diagnosis is not fully confirmed, but not refuted, it is necessary to make the biochemical analysis of blood for antibodies.

If a person has symptoms of parasites are expressed, and this fact facilitates to install the diagnostic software, as well as significant importance is the collection of medical history. In any case, the doctor prescribes the medication only when you have the framework helminthiasis.

Despite the wide choice of funds, all of the modern pharmacy of funds have a significant toxicity, and can adversely affect the overall health of the person, and then get rid of pests in the home is not recommended.

When the human body detected parasites, treatment necessarily assigned exclusively doctor. It is he that knows which medication is most suitable in a particular situation, and not to cause various side effects.

The treatment of parasites begins after the exams, all the drugs can be purchased at the pharmacy.

In the event of a serious form of helminthiasis prescribed a complete treatment is absorbent, cholagogue medicines, laxatives, and, as a result, pesticides.

Herbal remedies

Parasitic the pills may not only be synthetic, but of vegetable origin. The medicinal plant, or the connection of some types of herbs – support enable a powerful substance that effectively cleans the body of parasites.

As a general rule, the composition is usually included bitter wormwood, garlic, cloves, rhubarb, calendula, the root of calamus, nettle, st. john's wort, yarrow and many other herbs.

Considering the efficiency of the plants above, were synthesized honey medicines. In their composition focus exclusively useful components of plant origin, that in the background to get rid of parasites, and are able to strengthen the immune system of a person.

Clinical studies have shown that the only side-effect of the receipt of these funds is of rare allergic reactions. Natural remedies have the following advantages:

  • In the composition of food supplements is a poison extracted from plants of a certain concentration, and kills worms and other parasites.
  • All drugs of vegetable origin, does not possess toxic substances, the delicate way of acting on the human body, promote the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The drugs do not harm the multiplication helminths.
  • The entire range of natural remedies – it is not only the liberation of worms, but, and protection from parasites when the likelihood of a secondary infection.

Prevention of parasitic diseases

As evidenced by the medical practice, take care of the pests easily enough, if the patient adheres to all recommendations of your doctor, take the medication, follow the instructions for application.

However, no one is safe after treatment, to contract helminths again. In addition, secondary contamination leaking much more difficult than the first, and to deal with him a little heavier.

It is possible to use as prevention spice – buds of cloves. It is not necessary to prepare decoctions or infusions, it is sufficient in the morning or in the evening chew a couple of gems, and to drink water. The duration of this preventive therapy is 3-4 days.

Cloves helps to get rid of pest because of its bitterness, with the result that in the human body, they created adverse conditions for parasitism.

funds from worms and parasites prevention

The prevention includes:

  • The observance of elementary rules of hygiene.
  • Washing fruit and vegetables.
  • Daily damp cleaning in a residential area.
  • Timely vaccinated animals.
  • The rejection of the consumption of raw meat, not boiled water.

The respect of these simple rules will help to protect the body from parasites, and then fail to protect from the infection of his family.