Parasites in the human body - symptoms, remedies, treatment

The presence of parasites in the body leads to serious health consequences. To him is attributed the development of allergies, general fatigue and decreased immune defenses, the state of hypovolaemia and anaemia, and disorders of the nervous system, neuroses, insomnia and loss of appetite. Delete all these events is able to correct treatment, directed against the parasites, their larvae and eggs, and also the use of drugs able to restore the metabolic processes, violated the stay in the body for unwanted guests.

funds from pests

How to get rid of parasites: general principles

First of all, this is a treatment aimed to rid the body of worms and their larvae. If in the body will remain at least a parasite, this can lead to recontamination. Only among the medications can't do here, and this is due to the fact that many parasites are transmitted through dirty hands. In this regard, even if the patient propyl instrument by parasites, but neglect the rules of personal hygiene and always in contact with a source of parasites (people or animals), it is possible imminent re-infestation.

Therefore, treatment of pests is one of two essential components:

  • The application of funds from the parasites, to remove them from the body.
  • Taking the prevention of infection (personal hygiene, disinfection of the house, personal objects and surfaces, the treatment of all family members, pets).

In addition, often occurs the need for additional therapies for those disorders that caused a parasite to their stay in the body.

Treatment directed against the parasites

The basis of the therapy, directed against the parasites, which were found in the body, the intake of drugs against parasites. These medicines can act like adults, and their eggs and larvae. The selection of drugs against parasites shall deal exclusively with the doctor after receiving the results of all necessary investigations and assessment of the general state of the patient. Independent of the receipt of the funds by parasites such as for the treatment and prevention of worms is prohibited, and this is due to several factors. In the first place, all the drugs against the parasites you refer to a particular group of chemotherapeutic funds, have expressed a powerful toxic effect against other living organisms. And the human body in this sense is no exception. The wrong dosage or the selection of drugs can damage the liver or kidneys, in this case, committed not to cause damage to the parasite.

In the second place, the doctor calculates the dose based on age and weight, by applying the medication against parasites short course and a maximum and safe dosage.

In the third place, the results of analysis chosen, the tool of the parasites, which will be effective in this case, as well as different types of worms (and also their larvae and eggs), they die of several types of medications.

Funds from pests: classification of drugs

the treatment of parasites

Drugs acting on parasites and their larval forms, eggs, divided, depending on the impact on these or other groups of worms, in the various classes.

The first group is a means by parasites that affect the class of the nematodes. They are divided into two subclasses:

  • The drugs, which are active against intestinal nematodes.
  • The drugs that act on the extraintestinal types of nematodes.

To the second group belong the drugs which have a disastrous effect in respect of the class cestodes. They are also divided into two subgroups:

  • Drugs that act on the intestinal parasites.
  • Drugs that lead to destruction cestodes outside the intestinal lumen.

The third group includes all those drugs against the parasites that act on the flukes. They are also divided into subcategories:

  • Drugs that act on the intestinal parasites.
  • Drugs that lead to destruction cestodes outside the intestinal lumen.

A special place is occupied by the drugs of the fourth group, related to a wide range of actions. This means that such a tool from pests will be effective against most of the famous worms.

Additional therapy: the treatment of allergies, improving well-being

In addition to treatments against parasites, often used medications to improve the condition of the patient, the normalization of well-being and a general tonic effect. In addition, because of a strong awareness of the body when infected by parasites, it is also indicated for the treatment of allergies specific means. The allergy occurs in response to the penetration and propagation of alien parasites to the body, can worsen in the period of mass death of parasites. Therefore, antihistamines are sometimes referred to as prevention of the recurrence of the allergy in the treatment of helminthiasis.

To remove intoxication, to pick up the waste products and antigens of parasites, especially if it is a severe allergy, the background of the admission of de-worming funds shown simultaneous intake of antihistamines and absorbent. In addition, a specific therapy against allergies begin about three days before receiving the main drug, and continue to have not less than 5 days after him.

adjunctive therapy

Often helminthiasis lead to malfunction of the microbial flora of the intestine, in connection with what is recommended to restore the normal ecological communities actively consume dairy products, plant foods, and estimate the course of probiotics. At the time of treatment would be appropriate to exclude the power of pesky, heavy products, full of food and an excess of protein. The most useful are the soups and light sauce of vegetables, cereals and dairy products. It is important to consume plenty of fluids, actively to eliminate toxins from the body.