The main signs of presence of parasites in the human body. The symptoms of the presence of parasites

According to the WHO statistics, about 95% of the world population is infected by parasites and micro-organisms existing at the expense of other organisms.

Variety of parasites, often affect the human body


The helminth – common name of the worms, existing in a living organism. In a few words, the worms. Are classified into the following types: tapeworms (housing), flukes (flukes) and nematodes (nematodes).

The most common type of helminths – nematodes. Among these we can highlight: roundworms, ossiuri, roundworms, trichinella, Toxocara, trichuris trichuris, and hookworm. They have a round shape and, above all, live in the intestine, its various departments. Some of the representatives, for example, trichinella, can migrate throughout the body.

The intestine – important place for the life of nematodes

Representatives from the tape pests – bovine and pork taenia, a tapeworm, echinococcus. Dimensions that are considered pests can reach several meters in length. Some of them begin to develop outside of the human body. Beef and pork taenia, for example, penetrate into the intestine in an intermediate stage.

Flukes can be positioned in various organs. They feed on blood bodies, they also eat the intestinal contents, mucus, etc., Their length up to half meter. These include liver and cats fluke, shistosoma, etc.

For the type of development helminths are divided into biohelminth, geohelminth and contact parasites. Biohelminth pass through a phase of maturation and of development of animal organisms. This, for example, Toxocara, beef, and pork, taenia, etc.

Geohelminth develop in the soil. And fall within a person through the skin or by ingestion. These include many types of nematodes.

Contact the parasites penetrate to person through direct contact with another person. Enterobiasis – a disease transmission, contact parasites, the pinworms.

How the disease spreads

Are infected by parasitic worms is possible through the consumption of food not processed food (fish head), poorly washed raw vegetables and fruit, when the bite of an insect, during sexual intercourse, to the domestic way of eating a raw water, and swallowing water while swimming in the waters by domestic animals through the soil.

Even the flies are carriers. They carry on their legs, parasite eggs, which then fall inside a person together with the products. Contaminated settlements, warm climate, poor hygiene, the violation of the rules of personal hygiene increases the chance of infection.

The signs of the presence of helminths


Very often recognize the presence considered to be parasites in the body of an individual, rather difficult. And many symptoms can be mistaken for a chronic disease, and in vain to treat.

The symptoms of the disease may vary depending on the type of worms, and the place of their localization and amount. But there are signs of the presence of parasites in the human body.


As a consequence of metabolic processes in worms highlight the toxic elements, which penetrate in the pudding system and facilitate the onset of the allergic manifestations.

The rash may periodically appear and disappear. Such an allergy evil curable dermatological means.

Problematic skin

Infestation by worms can manifest itself in dry skin, a variety of inflammation in the form of acne, pimples, pimples.

Syndrome, gastric and intestinal discomfort

Many parasites that inhabit the fat and the small intestine of an individual. Stick to the wall, annoy them and facilitate the onset of inflammatory processes in order. Broken suction function of nutrients, in particular fat.

You are experiencing the symptoms about "irritable bowel syndrome"

A large number of items of fat in the stool, it is possible to identify the common laboratory techniques.

Biliary stasis

Because of its enormous size, some parasites can block bile ducts and cause dyskinesia of the bile ducts. These signs can cause and other, more serious diseases of the liver.


The worms can block the intestinal lumen. Often the signs of the presence of parasites in the human body you experience symptoms such as constipation, and can also cause intestinal obstruction.


Diarrhea is one of the most common symptoms of infection of the helminths. Prostaglandins, that are produced by the parasites, leading to frequent fluid chair.


Because of disorders of intestinal function, you experience symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, excess gas, which wrongly you can take for a goiter. But in this case the treatment with antibiotics and probiotics has no positive results.

Decreased immunity

The parasites feed on, what feeds on the man. Suck up the majority of digested nutrients.

Due to the constant immune system response to the presence of "foreign residents", we reduce the defences, bodies, weakens the immune system. This manifests itself in frequent colds, unreasonable increase of temperature, pain in the body, etc.

Joint and muscle pain

The worms can affect different organs. Trichinella, for example, are deposited in muscle tissue and may damage it.

You have symptoms of arthritis

This is the response of the body on the life of parasites.

The change in body weight

One of the signs helminthiasis is weight loss or obesity. The reduction in weight occurs due to the inability to get nutrients from the foods consumed. And weight gain, as the result of a reaction of the body, the need to "stock up food for the future".

So, before you make a decision on the set or reset weight, you must pass a comprehensive examination for the presence of parasites in the human body.


Some parasites, including Trichomonas, for example, can affect various human organs, including blood. Feeding on cells, transmitted it causes anemia and iron deficiency.


The man lacks vitamins and nutrients, which causes a lack of vitamins. This is the result of a day of parasites.

Nervousness, sleep disorders

Insomnia, poor sleep, may be the response of the nervous system to the presence of "illegals" citizens. Some of the helminth is at night you look out to the outside through the anus, in order to postpone the larvae.

This can cause discomfort and itching, that compels it often to wake up and not giving you the chance to relax completely.

"Chronic fatigue syndrome"

On the background of intoxication of the body, lack of vitamins and minerals that are absorbed parasites, the individual may feel constant fatigue, loss of concentration, apathy, and disturbances of memory.


The presence of parasites is not good affects on the human body in general. Interrupted the normal functioning of all the organs, occur inflammation, deterioration of health, reduced immunity.

It is important to know that all of these signs, if prolonged, can result in the formation of tumors and malignancies.

The specific symptoms of infection parasites

The pain

The municipality, there is a series of special signs of the presence of parasites in the human body, which are inherent to women and men individually.

For women is this:

  • violation of the cycle of menstruation regular;
  • goiter vagina, athlete's foot;
  • inflammation of the ovaries, kidneys, bladder;
  • fibroid of the uterus;
  • infertility.

For men considered to be the disease manifests itself:

  • the erectile dysfunction;
  • the presence of sand or kidney stones, bladder;
  • the inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • mental disorders.

The differences in the sign of children and adults

In case of contact with the larvae of parasites, they collide with the protective barrier:

  • saliva;
  • the gastric juice;
  • the local immune system of the intestine.

In the body of children, such protection may not work. And their children are more likely considered an illness. In the summer, when the kids are constantly outdoors, the risk of contracting helminths is very high.

Routes of infection for the children is more than enough: area, sandbox, pets, are not always washed fruits and vegetables, swimming in the water. Besides, especially with regard to small children, the desire of all to taste. The habit of sucking fingers only adds to the likelihood of contracting helminthic invasion.

The most common types of parasites in children can be attributed to: ossiuri, ascaris, trichuris trichuris, Toxocara.

Ossiuri are tiny little white worms, no larger than 1 cm That open to the outside and lay their eggs near the anus. Therefore, the presence of these parasites is always accompanied by itching around the anal opening. Worm – larger in size, their length can reach 40 cm!

When infestations by helminths, children, first of all, symptoms have been observed such as lack of appetite, paleness of the skin, reduce the body weight. Delay mental and physical development, disorders of memory can also indicate the presence of parasites.

Their vital functions worms cause disorders of the metabolism, reducing the immunity of a child. All of this manifests itself with frequent viral infections, and allergic reactions.

The cause of atopic dermatitis in children, it can be the presence of worms

Please note that such a phenomenon as "bruxism" (grinding your teeth) is considered to be one of the signs of the presence of parasites in the human body and are often worried for the children during the sleep. Parents should pay attention to this fact, and to conduct a survey of a child for the presence of parasites.

Very often, the worms live in the intestine, so the children can experience problems with the chair, flatulence, vomiting, and epigastric pain.

The diagnosis of parasites

The main problem in the diagnosis of parasitic diseases is that they disguise themselves from many chronic diseases, and very difficult to recognize the true causes of the onset of symptoms.

Also essential to the problem creates the possibility of a majority of the parasites in the long, sometimes life can be without symptoms in the human body. Then, if there are signs of chronic disease, it is worthwhile to conduct a survey to verify the presence of parasites.

Methods of diagnosis of parasites:

  • Direct methods: the analysis of stool, urine examination, scraping perianal, subungual phalanges, the analysis of the sputum and of the contents of the duodenum.

These methods have a number of defects, which are associated with the feature, and the period of development of the parasite, and with the state of the human body.

To increase the information content of such a diagnosis, it is necessary to pass the exams multiple times. But this is not a guarantee of obtaining reliable information.

  • Recently used a stool sample to the PCR method, which greatly increases the effectiveness of direct methods, as well as helping you calculate the parasites to their DNA. But this is only in case of presence of parasites in the GASTROINTESTINAL tract.
  • Indirect methods: radiological, morphological, ULTRASOUND, biopsy.
  • Bioresonance methods: method Vols, PMA.

The method immunocromatografico is to determine the presence of antibodies to the parasites of various kinds in human blood. This method is very informative, and helps determine the early forms of the disease.

When you should immediately seek medical attention

In the early stages the signs of presence of parasites in the human body may be absent. It will take years for that pest infestation will manifest itself.

It is important to remember that, if a person bother any of the symptoms described above, should immediately contact a specialist, especially if it regards children. The doctor will prescribe the analysis, which, perhaps, you will need to spend more times for more reliable information. Then will be paired with a proper treatment.

Bot – is very serious and dangerous disease. It is important to remember this and not let pests cause irreparable damage to the body. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene, follow the product of power and time to ask for qualified help to a specialist.