Parasites in the human gut — the simpler types, symptoms and treatment


There are several signs that a person are parasites in the intestine, while their treatment methods may be different. The crash of the system of internal organs, or change the appearance of cala already considered to be a worrying sign to begin the investigation on the presence of parasites. Many people do not even realize that their body are the helminths. The child, occur more often than those of an adult. This is due to the fact that children can take in their mouth the toys and dirty hands.

What are the parasites in the intestine

Parasites in the intestine is a malware organisms. On the intestinal wall can be simple and helminths (worms). To avoid the appearance of worms, you need to understand how you should avoid the infection. Known only four main sources of leakage of eggs of parasites in the human body:

  1. bites of insects;
  2. contacts (with a handshake transmitted ossiuri);
  3. through the soil;
  4. the consumption of raw or poorly cooked meat, fresh fish dishes.

What are parasites that live in the human intestine

A long period of time a person may not suspect that he live parasites, and the symptoms can be similar to certain diseases. The worms often appear in the digestive organs. In the human intestine live parasites:

  1. Askaridy. Size reaches 40 cm.
  2. Nekator and intestinal ankilostoma;
  3. Was dwelling since centuries;
  4. A wide lentec;
  5. Toro цепень;
  6. Shistosomy;
  7. Pork цепень;
  8. Trihinelly.
  9. Protozoihyie micro-organisms, or by the more simple, that can live on the walls of the human intestine:

    1. Lyamblii. Cause digestive disorders.
    2. Gistologicheskaja amoeba. This microorganism causes amebiaz. The main symptom of the disease is diarrhea.
    3. Blastocita homni. Deals damage to the body only when a weakened immunity, causing diarrhea and vomiting.

    The symptoms of parasites in the intestine


    If a person infestation of intestinal parasites, is necessarily going to come. Often, indirect signs of the presence of helminths confused with other symptoms of various diseases. It is not possible to self-medication, and I have to ask for help from a doctor. As a general rule, the main symptoms of parasites in the intestine are:


    According to statistics, more than 1 billion people infestation. You may not even realize to be the victim of parasites.

    Determine the presence of parasites in the body easily a symptom - an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Ask loved ones, smell the breath makes in the morning (before brushing the teeth). If yes, with a probability of 99% is infected with parasites.

    Pest control causes nervousness, fatigue, mood swings, a further start, and the most serious consequences of the disease.

    Men parasites cause: prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, sand, kidney stones, and bladder.

    Women: pain and inflammation of the ovaries. Develop fibroid, fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease, inflammation of the adrenal glands, kidneys and bladder. And so heart disease and cancer.

    Once we want to warn you that you do not need to run to a pharmacy and purchase expensive medications, which, according to the pharmacists, to kill all the parasites. Most of the drug is extremely inefficient, in addition, they cause huge damage to the body.

    1. Gas. Helminths, which are found on the walls of the small intestine, causing an inflammatory process, accompanied by distension and gas.
    2. Constipation. The most popular is a sign of the presence of worms in the walls of the intestine.
    3. Diarrhea. Cause parasites that produce hormones, which lead to liquid frequent trip to toilet.
    4. The weight change. The man in the presence of the worms can experience a constant feeling of hunger or loss of appetite.
    5. An allergic reaction. Worms in the intestine of the host cells secrete substances that cause selection of the high doses of the protection of the cells — eosinophils. All of this can lead to allergies.
    6. The pain in the joints and the muscles. The parasites are able to move through the body to the search for a comfortable living space. They are able to settle on muscles, causing acute pain.
    7. Fatigue. A man with this problem often feel fatigue, apathy, lack of sleep, it's hard to concentrate on work.
    8. Skripenie the teeth. This symptom manifests itself in children during sleep, the call bruksism.



    Determine helminth in a first moment, it is difficult, because the symptoms are similar to other diseases. Sometimes the worms for the event are already to be found during the operations in the treatment of other diseases. Usually the diagnosis of parasites in the gut comprises the following technical information:

    1. Serological blood. Identifies antigens and antibodies to the worms. This study is carried out only in a later stage infection.
    2. Histological analysis cala. The most accurate research on the presence of parasites.
    3. Scraping. Helps to detect ossiuri.
    4. Gemoscanirovanie of blood. The efficient procedure to detect the presence of parasites and fungi.

    How to get rid of parasites

    Treatment man by the worms has to do with your doctor. More than 10 drugs modern pharmacology have antigelmintnoi activities. It is not possible to assign them, because they have a certain amount of activity to different types of worms. To clarify the diagnosis it will be necessary to pass a series of tests in the laboratory. On the basis of these results, the doctor will be effective treatment regimen.

    The worms are able to occur quickly, and rapidly multiply in the human body, so you need as quickly as possible to get rid of parasites in the intestine. To win and bring helminths, it is necessary to eat more fruit and vegetables. For the moment, it is worth giving up meat and fish. Your diet may vary, spinach, green beans, apples, and grapes. Experts advise to drink plenty of fluids. Thus, the purification by the worms happen a lot faster. Useful for man, and yogurt, which includes a large content of lactobacilli.

    Drugs against parasites in the intestine

    The modern market abounds with various synthetic drugs, which provide effective cleaning of the colon of parasites. All means should prescribe the doctor. To choose the right treatment, it is necessary to do a stool examination.

    Folk remedies

    The fight with the worms takes place in several stages. If the intestine of the patient is freed from parasites, often in the background of the admission of medicines can worsen the general condition of the body. You can see helminth in the house with improvised means, or herbal. Healers of folk medicine are recommended to increase the temperature of the body with the help of products, which have a sharp (burning) taste.

    Also effective folk remedies from parasites in the gut are:

    1. powder and flax seed;
    2. decoction-based pomegranate crusts (2 tablespoons, pour boiling water);
    3. the castor oil;
    4. enema of decoction of wormwood (3 grams of grass should pour boiling water and then drain);
    5. decoction of onion peel;
    6. infusion of garlic and lemon;
    7. shelled pumpkin seeds;
    8. carrot juice;
    9. decoction of tanaceto (for the preparation of the funds will be used the dried flowers and boiling water);
    10. a handful of raw rice, which must be taken during the breakfast.

    Intestinal cleansing bicarbonate of sodium by the parasites


    The application of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is considered to be effective in solving the problem of the parasites in the body. This product helps to remove the larvae and adults of species of helminths from the intestine, more than 80% of the toxins and harmful products, which fall within the organs of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. Alkaline environment perceived evil of worms, and it becomes uncomfortable, then leave their habitat. As a general rule, cleaning of the intestinal sodium bicarbonate by the parasites is carried out in several stages:

    1. before doing the enema water for the removal of the faeces;
    2. via 25 g of sodium bicarbonate, it is necessary to dilute a litre of warm filtered or boiled water;
    3. the solution must be injected with the aid of an enema;
    4. you must resist composition with sodium bicarbonate inside the body approximately 30 minutes before a bowel movement;
    5. then I have to put another enema with water to remove residual alkali and to reduce the negative impact of sodium bicarbonate on the body;
    6. the procedure should be done every day, up to complete elimination of helminths;
    7. treatment sodium bicarbonate is complete, if in the stool, no worms in the course of two days.

    Prevention of parasites in the intestine

    The appearance of worms in a person, like many other diseases, it is easier to prevent than to cure. Prevention of parasites in the intestine, usually, is that of respecting the personal hygiene and the cleaning of the house. To do not experience unpleasant sensations caused by the worms, you need to follow the basic rules, that you will protect yourself from pests:

    1. do not drink the tap water;
    2. it is always necessary to develop the hands antiseptic means, or to wash them with soap and water;
    3. you can use only one voucher washed the vegetables, fruits, green;
    4. not worth the effort to swim in the pond, prohibited sanitary-epidemic station;
    5. it should be the daily dry and wet cleaning of the premises;
    6. after contact with animals it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly;
    7. okay, the cleaning of children's toys and other items after a walk on the street;
    8. you should not eat raw fish or meat.

    The signs of the presence of helminths

    Parasites in the human intestine lead an active lifestyle. Their existence is causing some symptoms.

    • Diarrhea: the worms produce substances that cause the intestine to diarrhea.
    • Constipation: the worms can block the organs because of its size and accumulation.
    • Intestinal irritation, bloating, gas — products of the activities of the parasites cause inflammation, irritate the intestinal mucosa.
    • The nutrients coming along with the food, evil or not, it is digested. The fat enters the colon, rather thin. This causes cramps, excessive gas and bloating.
    • Allergy caused by emissions of toxins and parasites. The body begins intensively produce against the toxins protective substances — eosinophils, their excess production and cause allergies.
    • Skin changes: perhaps the precipitation of acne, urticaria, eczema, sores. In the wake of the cracks, the nails become brittle. The hair appears to be dandruff.
    • Joint and muscle pains occur when some types of worms roam the body in search of affordable accommodation for their existence in organs or tissues. When they find favorable, then and appear similar pain.
    • Weight loss or excess weight: weight loss occurs as a result of a decrease in appetite and digestive disorders; overweight is from the sudden drop of sugar levels in the blood, because it constantly pursues the feeling of hunger.
    • Constant tiredness accompanied apathy, fatigue, decreased concentration and memory.
    • Decreased immunity: the body can resist diseases and colds.
    • Anemia occurs due to the fact that some types of worms prisasyivayutsya to slizistyim intestinal and absorb from there useful substances.
    • Nervousness — the cause are the toxic waste from the life of helminths, which irritate the central nervous system. The sleep is interrupted, it appears irritability, depression, in the dream, the man crunched his teeth.
    • Diseases of the respiratory tract: in case of penetration of the worms in the airways can increase the temperature of the body, worried about a runny nose; in the most serious cases develop pneumonia, asthma.

    The determination of the presence of worms

    To determine the presence, the type of parasites, the doctor prescribes the rest of the analysis stages. The analysis of the feces collected and rented couple of times.

    The treatment of worms and parasites

    In case of confirmation of the presence in the body of parasites, after having asked for the type and species present, the maggots, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment with different instruments. This can be a dosage form, in addition to she's a good helper will serve alternative medicine — the use of herbs.

    The process of elimination of the worms can be divided into several stages.

    • The first — the preparation of the body for removal. It is necessary to carry out the cleaning of the intestine, of the liver, of the biliary tract.
    • The second phase of immediate elimination of pests.
    • The third — the recovery after the treatment of the immune system, organs damaged, and strengthen the overall well-being.

    Prevention measures


    To avoid the risk of being infected by parasites it is necessary to respect some simple rules of hygiene. Of the causes of infection since many types of parasites enter the body through unwashed hands.

    Then, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially after the walks, the outdoor living room, after using the bathroom, before taking the food, etc. In addition to this, it is necessary to do regular cleaning of residential premises, in the presence of pets regularly give them medication against worms, and to do further disinfection. Plays an important role and a correct diet, drinking boiled water. Don't buy a product of dubious quality.

    For the prevention it is possible to take medication against the worms, if in the house there are pets, if the place of residence — the village, the village. Taking drugs is also recommended, if there is a constant contact of the children with the other (nursery, school); if you need to travel abroad or go in nature, relaxation, fishing, hunting, etc