How to get rid of the parasites in the body drugs

The diseases are caused by parasites, has decided to call гельминтозами. Worm infestations, regardless of their genre, leads to the formation of disorders of the general condition of the person and the development of diseases. To resolve this problem, it is widely used pills for the prevention and treatment of infection by parasites.

The main aspects

According to a popular belief of qualified professionals, the medicine is necessary to use not only for treating an existing infection, but also for its prevention. Advised to drink a course the specific doctor of the medicine once every twelve months. Following this condition, about the risk of the appearance of parasites in the body can not worry about it.

Even if there is, and the contrary opinion is that the medicines during their use, with the aim of preventive not only will not bring any results, but can cause irreparable damage to the human health. Because pesticides are quite toxic, and can cause the appearance of adverse reactions. That is why experts advise not to take drugs for the prevention гельминтозов.

But, in spite of the inconsistency of these two opinions, yet the majority of scholars are inclined to believe that to be the prevention гельминтозов drugs. On how it performs, we will now talk about.

General recommendations

It is not a secret that to avoid infecting helminths must adhere to the rules of personal hygiene. With particular attention must be treated to the purity people who keep in their apartment or house pets, in fact, in most cases, become the cause of the appearance of worms in people, especially in children.

wash your hands

It is also necessary to respect the following recommendations:

  1. 1 - wash your hands Often with soap and water, especially after using the toilet, and after work, in which the contact occurred with the ground.
  2. 2 - Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before consumption, and turns intus stupam with boiling water.
  3. 3 - Follow for dishes based on fish and meat, passed quite a good heat treatment.
  4. 4 - Drink only clean water from trusted sources. The best option is filtration or boiling before consumption.
  5. 5 - Carry out the replacement bed and indusia linen as often as possible.
  6. 6 - Often to make the cleaning of the house, especially if you live in it the animals.
  7. 7 - Regularly at intervals of three or four months to give a pet medication against worms.

Drugs medication

Treatment of helminthic invasions of a person can be carried out with the help of drugs, that have the ability to exercise a negative effect on the parasites. Some of the drugs have the properties to block the transmission of impulses from the nervous system to muscle fibers. As A result of helminth lose the ability to move and, with time, are eliminated from a person's body together with feces. A similar mechanism of action Praziquantel and Piperazine.

Another group of medication drugs has the ability to negatively affect the process of absorption of molecules in the cells of the worms, and this leads to their death. This action has a drug that bears the name of Mebendazole.

There are also drugs that have both of the above-mentioned mechanism of action, antiparasitic means of properties of Levamisole.

Because of the clinical action, which show almost all the tablet from parasites, can be used successfully and with purpose prior. It is a feature of some of them we immediately and watch.

Medications used for purposes of preventive

The drugs, they recommend to use to prevent the appearance of parasites in adults and children, are:

  1. 1 - Albendazole. Shows its effectiveness against such parasites such as roundworms, and some mixed infestations of worms. Can be used the data compressed by the parasites, even small children.
  2. 2 - Mebendazole. The drug, that possesses a broad spectrum of action. A characteristic of this medication with a purpose of prevention it is believed that the choice of dose should be made individually for each case.
  3. 3 - Praziquantel. With efficiency is used for the treatment of various forms of helminthic invasions. Can also be used to prevent the appearance of maggots.
  4. 4 - Medamin. Applies to both the treatment and prevention of such diseases, such as enterobiasis, trihozefalez, and ascaridiosi.
  5. 5 - Levamisole. Is used medication for the treatment and prevention of infections of the human body helminths.
  6. 6 - Vermis. The drug exerts a numbing effect on the body of the parasites but also has the ability to expel from the human body, the larvae and the eggs of the worms. With regard to the selection of the dose, must be made for each and every occasion separately.
  7. 7 - Vermoxum. Inside the active components, that allow to interfere with the absorption of glucose in the body of the worm, and this leads to their death.
  8. 8 - Pyrantel. It is simply an effective tool for the treatment and prevention of helminthic invasions. But in this case, it is necessary to take into account a warning, which consists in the fact that Pyrantel forbidden to take with other means, which have the ability to view the helminths.
the application of the tablets

His mechanism of action of the drug has the ability to lead to paralysis of the muscular fibres parasites and their elimination from the body in a natural way. As for the dosage, it must also be selected individually for each person.

But in most of the cases the doctors in the choice of the drug for the prevention of worms in children are prone to such drugs, such as Mebendazole and Albendazole. After all, they are different from other anthelmintic medicines of a high level of safety for insufficient fortis of a child's body.

Cases, when the receiving antiparasitic drugs with the purpose of preventive is considered to be justified

There are situations in which, necessarily, need to take medications that help prevent the infestation of worms, namely:

  • if in a residential area live pets;
  • after the suffering of the disease, when there is the risk of residues of parasites in the human body;
  • in the case of the presence of parasites, some of the members of the family;
  • when they appear suspicious for the presence of parasites in the body;
  • for the implementation of the contact with the ground on regular basis;
  • during the visit, small groups of children;
  • during his frequent travels in various countries;
  • in the case of frequent outings into nature for a holiday.

Please note: forbidden to carry out preventive measures, aimed at the resolution of risk for the appearance of parasites in the following cases:

  • in the presence of intestinal infections during the acute flow;
  • in the case of pregnancy;
  • during menses or climacteric period.

Prevention of pests should be monitored by a doctor, because they are independent of the intake of all medications, including de-vermis, can lead to the development of complications and disturbances of the general state of the person.

Some shades to consider

The risk groups include people whose professional activity is linked to tight for dictum with other people, and even people that have weakened the body's defenses.

Some experts for the prevention parasitica var. defeat recommend that you apply the natural methods and recipes from sources popular medicine. According to them, should be regularly eating garlic and onion, and pumpkin seeds.

In any case, preventive measures need to be carried out on the spot. That is, in addition to the prevention of the parasites in the human body the tablets, you also need to make sure to observe the rules of personal hygiene, eating only lavit of fruits and vegetables, drink filtered water, and there are meat products, and fish, which have undergone excellent heat treatment.

the doctor

But, despite this, the majority of physicians east is supported by the fact that for the prevention only need to use medicines from pharmacies.

Please note, if you have any symptoms that are similar to infestation from worms, you need to be sure to get a diagnosis.

For the prevention of helminthiasis, it is necessary to consult a doctor-in a parassitologo, which will provide advice and will help you choose the right medication, and calculate the dosage. It is possible to combine prevention and methods from people of different origins, if they will not help you, at least not bring any harm to the body.

Therapy techniques popular

Not every day, a person can afford to trekking in the clinic to see a doctor.

Of course this is very bad, however, if it is not possible to have a little time to visit the doctor, but the situation of the presence of worms more explicitly, this can help the traditional methods, and, above all, to the house.

With the help of some folk remedies that you can buy in any pharmacy, you can clean the liver and remove the body for any other signs of intoxication by the waste products of parasites.

To maximize the proper and effective influence on the worms, you can use some of the bitter herbs with antimicrobial action, such as sage and garlic.

Garlic and sage, are not worse than many pills, and with their help, you can create unsuitable for the pest habitat, and, above all, completely favourable for the man.

Almost all the folk remedies can be stored for a long time and can be used without limits, what that does not tell me the usual pills.

As the first phase of the therapy at home, is used antiparasitic.

The second phase involves the use of means with which you can improve immunity, and compensate for the lack in the body of vitamins and minerals.

To improve the effect, the right to integrate herbal therapy tax negatively not only to the worms, but also their eggs and larvae.

That is to say, it's not as an instrument of the pharmacological, is capable of similar results.

In the treatment of the intestine from the consequences due to parasites, it is possible to use such commissions and of the grass:

  1. 1 - a Mixture of tanaceto and artemisia. This composition is ideal for the people, but only for adults, because the flowers of tanaceto are not recommended for the body of a child, and artemisia, in the case of overdose, can become toxic.
  2. 2 - With the help of the root девясила it is possible to treat not only the intestine, but also have a negative impact on the worms, locatam of organs and tissues.

How to prevent the infestation of parasites


Helminthiasis may get by following simple activities. All medical experts is known for the prevention of parasites in the human body. To reduce the risk of infection, it is necessary to respect the following rules:

  • avoid contact with sick enterobiasis;
  • wash your hands before each meal;
  • drink only boiled water;
  • thoroughly wash the vegetables, fruits and vegetables;
  • do not water the vegetables dirty water;
  • with attention проваривать and roast carefully the meat and the fish;
  • abandon the use of stroganina, raw meat, wild game and barbecue;
  • briefly cut the nail;
  • take regular shower;
  • not enjoy foreign things;
  • do not swim in polluted water;
  • do not walk barefoot on earth and sand;
  • limit contact with pets.

Prevention of parasites in humans include carrying out sanitary-epidemic examination of meat and fish, before the sale, and the veterinary supervision.

To protect yourself from them difficult, because they surround man everywhere. The factors of transfer products, water, dirty hands, toys, dust, pet hair. In this way, pests pose a danger to humans, and in this case, treatment is necessary.