List of parasites in the human body

The types of parasites in the human body only are many. Their number, together with многоклеточными and protozoa are also viruses, bacteria and fungi that parassitano through the human body, even if in the medical tradition the bacteria and viruses has not decided to give to the parasites.

the types of parasites

In the human body different types of parasites that can bring not only in the intestinal tract, as is commonly believed, but in many other organs: in blood, in the tissues, muscles, joints, brain and even eyes.

Are particularly exposed to these internal organs such as the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, the liver, the lungs, the heart.

The imbalance is aggravated also the municipality of intoxication of the human body because of toxins, allocated parasites, which can lead to the development of a series of illnesses up to malignant. Often the diseases caused by parasites, take chronic.

Danger lies in the fact that parasitic diseases are causing the symptoms, which are characteristic for the other, often intestinal infections, therefore of vital importance for the timely differential diagnosis to identify the type of parasite and the production of appropriate physiotherapy tactics.

Types of parasites of man in general can be divided into two large groups:

  • ectoparasites, parasites on the body surface and feeding on the blood of people (bedbugs, fleas, lice, ticks) are carriers of pathogens of such infections such as encephalitis, typhoid fever, anthrax, etc.;
  • endoparasites, parasites on internal organs and lead to serious diseases; it is to him you refer to, protozoa (giardia, amoeba, trichomonas, Toxoplasma) and helminths – parasitic worms (worms).

Classification parasites

the parasites within

We consider the main types of endoparasites person. The appearance of many of them you can see only with a microscope, and some, especially among the worms, amazing for its size. Let's start with the simplest:

  • Giardia along with dysbiosis are also of hypovitaminosis, anemia and intoxication general body.
  • Toxoplasma affect the brain, the eyes, the heart muscle, the nervous system, but in particular the danger that they represent for women in pregnancy because of the risk of death of the fetus or heavy its defeats.
  • The amoeba can cause amoebic dysentery, amoebic encephalitis and other dangerous diseases.
  • Trichomonas are the sources of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

The most common parasites

Eastern Dens, lanceolate, Dens, hepatic Dens, siberian Dens, ossiuri, roundworms, lice, giardia, siberian Dens, cats, Dens, cells of the flounder infest the, beef, and pork taenia.

The most common endoparasites are, of course, the helminths (worms), which, according to various sources, infected more than 80% of the population of the planet.

A huge number of these pests is divided into the main types:

  • nematodes – the nematodes (roundworms, ossiuri, Trichinella, trichuris trichuris, etc.);
  • tapeworms – band worms (лентецы, swine and bovine цепень, tapeworm, etc.);
  • flukes – worms-the flounder infest the liver, blood, lung, and also the flounder haunt the living in the intestine).

Sometimes it is possible to meet most of the general classification, according to which all types of parasites, people are divided in:

  • translucens (gut), parasites in the intestine;
  • fabric, locatam in other organs and tissues.

However, most of the worms in the different stages of its life cycle, the passing of tissue, and intestinal development period with its symptoms.

Consider a brief description of the most common types of worms.

Nematodes (nematode)

  • Worm – the most common are the nematodes length from 20 cm to 40 cm, a parasite in the small intestine, but before venturing in the human body, which affects the circulatory and the respiratory system. Together with the intestine of these parasites, it is possible to detect in the liver and gall bladder, heart and lungs. Frequent symptom аскаридоза – an allergic reaction.
  • Ossiuri – small worms, up to 1 cm, which affects the intestines and cause enterobiasis with gastro-INTESTINAL disturbances, fatigue, sleep disorders, etc. a Characteristic sign of the presence of ossiuri – itching in the anus, where they lay eggs.
  • Trichinella – these microscopic worms (the size of a few millimeters) can lead to serious diseases – трихинеллез, that may, if untreated lead to death. The adult species live in the body of the people in the muscles (respiratory, face, etc.), causing muscle aches, fever, swelling, allergic skin rashes.
  • Vlasoglavy – small worms (up to a length of 4.5 cm, with the front part of the body in the form of wires), the larvae that cause trihozefalez with acute diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms similar to those of appendicitis. As A result of poisoning of the body develops anemia.

Band worms (tapeworms)

band worms
  • A tapeworm body length of up to 10 m, leads to the development in difillobotrioz with nausea, weakness, vomiting, a chair unstable, asthenia, and anemia.
  • Pork цепень has a length of from 3 to 8 m, a parasite mainly in the small intestine, and she immediately called to two diseases: taeniasis with dyspeptic, asthenic-neurotic and абдоминальным syndromes, and cysticercosis with ebrietas, intestinorum, allergic and respiratory syndromes. Depending on the location tsistitserki affects the muscles, the brain, the heart, the eyes, etc
  • Toro цепень, the length of which can reach up to 18 m, causes vulputate tapeworm infectio and is considered to be one of the most dangerous types of worms. If you do not liber of worms, and you can live in the human body for up to 18-20 years! Localized in the colon, causes a strong intoxication products of his life, and even diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, anemia, allergic reactions, and problems with the nervous system.
  • Nano цепень a length of only 1.5-5 – cm source in gimenolepidoz with dyspeptic, pain and asthenic-neurotic syndrome of which affects, first of all, the digestive tract and the nervous system of the body, and also the liver.
  • Echinococcus is considered to be the smallest tape vermis – its length is only 2.5 to 8, rarely 9 mm, however, the infection has terrible consequences in terms of damage to the liver and to the lungs where they form cysts and tumors that cause the dysfunction of these organs.

The sources of infection

источнии infection

Helminthiasis, as well as other intestinal diseases, often it is disease "dirty hands", that causes a shot of the eggs and larvae of worms in the human body:

  • when you do not wash their hands after using the bathroom and before eating;
  • do not wash the vegetables, the fruits and vegetables that are consumed raw;
  • are not flesh and fish enough to heat treatment;
  • when the consumption of the wrong fish sauce, and fat;
  • are the preparations of the food available for the flies and cockroaches;
  • use the feces as fertilizer for the lawn-hortus sectors;
  • bask in is not designed for this the water;
  • in contact with those animals.

However, and her pet can also be infected by worms, because, often, animals serve as intermediate hosts for helminths, the primary owner is the man.

Methods of struggle

  • From an early age to vaccinate children in the habit of washing their hands. They need to do this, as they are constantly Potter in the sand, the ground, puddles, where the most favorable conditions for the eggs and larvae of parasites, and contact with pets and street animals.
  • When you get unwell, we can not exclude helminthiasis, then we recommend that you do the necessary analysis on the parasites, in order to define a particular type of helminth (against most of them there are medications.
  • If the parasites found a member of the family, the drugs helminthiasis must take all.
  • Folk medicine, there are many ways to get rid of the worms, and give a good effect.
  • Do not leave open the cooked dishes, bread, baked goods, etc., for flies and cockroaches – the carriers of the eggs of the worms have left their products.
  • Observe carefully the temperature during cooking: the meat and the fish, in which often found the eggs of helminths, well проваривать/roast bottom/bake.
  • Well rinsed in running water, the vegetables, the fruits, the vegetables, which are consumed in their raw form.
  • Do regularly dewormed pets.
  • Abandon the use of feces as fertilizer for their gear hortus sectors.
  • When you are traveling in exotic countries is extremely attentive to the dishes of the local cuisine, in particular, the proposal on the street, there is no guarantee that they do not connect some less exotic helminth.
  • Cleans parasites for 1 course;
  • Thanks tanning substances, revitalizes and protects you from parasites, the liver, the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the skin;
  • Delete the putrefaction in the intestine, it eliminates the eggs of the pest thanks moleculo F.

Certified, recommended by doctors-in helminthologists tool to get rid of pests in the house. Has a pleasant taste, that will appeal to children. It is made up exclusively of medicinal plants collected in the green places.

What are the worms can live in the muscles of a person?

Not all of the parasites that enter the human digestive system, are able to migrate into other organs, muscles and tissues. Often in the muscles depositing the larvae of Trichinella from a sort of root-knot nematode, the eggs that penetrate into the body with raw or corm flesh.

The larvae of the Trichinella strike not all muscles can be found in the places of bending of the limbs, chewing and facial muscles. The first helminths are found in the muscle fibers after 2 to 3 weeks after infection, but the unpleasant feelings in this period are not manifested. Gradually their number increases, they form a spiral, it appears the joint and muscle pain, signs of a strong intoxication.

After penetration of Trichinella larvae in the muscles which quickly die, because the human body is not suitable for the growth of these parasites.

tapeworm – tapeworms penetrate the muscle less Trichinella live in the warm latitudes. Man – intermediate host for the larvae of the worms, actively grow and multiply in the body of the animals. Eggs of helminths are recorded in all the internal organs, penetrate in the muscular fibres, forming cysts.

The infestation of the larvae of the pork tapeworm is causing the disease cysticercosis, the infection occurs from sick animals, consumption of dirty fruit and vegetables, in contact with the earth.

The symptoms of parasites in the muscles of man

parasites in мыщцах

If you establish the parasites in the muscles of man, the symptoms of infection are often similar, with food poisoning, colds, and on the presence of worms in the body of a person thinks of the last time. Along the destruction of the muscle fibers helminths to the full development of serious complications, only high-quality and full diagnosis may reveal the presence of pathogenic worms.

The main symptoms of the disease:

  • dyspeptic disorders flatulence, nausea, diarrhea, and diarrhea, pain in the right hypochondrium, enlargement of the liver;
  • the rapid weight loss due to inflammatory processes in the digestive tract;
  • allergic reactions like skin rash, reddening of the skin, itching;
  • in feces there are accumulations of fat;
  • a slight increase of temperature, weakness;
  • tachycardia.

What are the analysis can help you identify pests:

  1. The most informative diagnostic method for the detection of parasites in the muscles – ELISA, and the analysis accuracy is over 90%. On the basis of the results obtained we can draw conclusions on the type of helminth, phase, and degree of severity of the disease.
  2. Less reliable, but more convenient and inexpensive method of diagnosis – PCR, the research should do it a few times, with intervals of 5-7 days.
  3. Moreover, the doctor to prescribe a stool examination and blood analysis.
  4. The reaction Cazoni – helps to identify Echinococcal.

You must not do самодиагностикой, take de-vermis drugs without a prescription – all drugs for the treatment гельминтозов non-toxic, have a number of contraindications and side effects.

Preventive measures

Prevention of helminthiasis is the correct heat treatment of the meat should cook and fry in small pieces under the lid closed no less than 25-35 minutes. Pre-product, it is possible to freeze, leave to marinate in the vinegar or lemon juice parasites die at low temperatures, do not move an acid environment.

All cooking utensils, which was used for cutting the meat, it is necessary to wash carefully with warm water with baking soda. It is not possible to buy bacon, salami, sausage in suspect places, especially if they do not meet the conditions of conservation and of the neighbourhood.

To avoid infection, it is necessary to limit the contact with palor animals, pets regularly is necessary to carry out antiparasitic prevention. The basic rule – wash your hands thoroughly, fruits and vegetables, do not eat food for the road.