The first signs and symptoms of the presence of parasites in the body. How to identify

When a man begins to torture, at times incomprehensible symptoms or not connected (at first sight) signs of different diseases, he begins to run between the doctors search for the cause of the malaise.

acne on the face

You can be fairly trivial – partibus in the body of parasites. While this factor is not diagnosed, or treatment will not give results.

The first signs and symptoms of infection

To understand how to identify parasites in the human body, it is necessary to pre-treat with next symptomatic.

The first signs of a possible to visually examine is acne on the face, dark spots, and wrinkles premature, and seborrhoea on the head and papilloma on the body.

The breakage and the detachment of the nail plate, serous complexion, rough vastitatem skin on the heels and too bear witness to infected by helminths, ascarids, Trichomonas and other unpleasant "lodgers".

Their presence is weakening the immune system. From here, all types of infinite infections, gynecological and urological diseases.

Parasites cause pressure spikes and heart attacks. Also, mental disorders, and oncology may be the result of life inside of a man or of another parasite.

The main symptoms of the presence of parasites

It is sometimes difficult to locate in the human body of parasites, as places them at the moment. But the immune system already starts to emit signals with any means of his ways. The main thing — to learn the right way to interpret these symptoms.

Bowel movements watery, called diarrhea, of course, associated with infections of intestinal parasites. But, and constipation, also become a sign of their presence within a person. After all, they are able to block and hollow, and the ducts, bringing inconvenience.

the symptoms

The nature flatulence also to defeat intestinal worms that cause inflammatory processes on the walls. Clearing the pills symptom, the problem is not solved, and the parasites will continue to exist in for years. In the end, completely broken peristalsis.

With the gastrointestinal tract as is understandable, but when they bind to pain in the legs, with the presence of parasites, not all of us believe. But these "attackers" actively travel throughout the body looking for special places, such as the muscles and joints for the liquid.

Their presence causes inflammation, and then you turn on an autoimmune reaction of the body. From here there are the most severe pain in the joints.

Many protozoa, poselivshiesja in the body, they feed on blood. If a person manifests obvious signs of anemia, bleeding is visible does not occur, then, apparently, he nourishes a parasite.

Sudden weight loss in the case of strong appetite or, conversely, obesity, and poor appetite is a severe symptoms, which can not be left without attention. Because the parasites are already pretty in-depth introduced in the human body and "manipulated" its systems.

If parasites managed camur inside, which is a symptom of this occurrence, but it is not their totality, so much more difficult to solve the problem of how to identify in the human body parasites. If this can penetrate into the interior is not a genre, and varius of their colony.

Frequent types of parasites in adults and children

When it comes to the parasites, patients often present themselves to the usual worms, and also in consideration that in nature, there are still a lot of dangerous parasites that can sit inside the body in the course of the years, by not exercising, until you receive the factor that pushes one to act.

parasites in children


Ossiuri most often affect children, enter into their body through the washed products or with dirty hands. The sources of infection can be toys (especially soft), dishes, linens for the home.

Affects the intestines, ossiuri make us the eggs, after 6 hours they become an integral part of the imago.

Its activity parasite occurs during the night, causing the patient itching the anus, which leads to the беспокойному sleep. Pinworm, cum inficiuntur a child, very quickly penetrates into the other members of the family.


Ascaris – worm, which is very fast, activated in the body of adults and children. Also here the cause is the lack of basic hygiene, but carriers of the infection are the flies.

The worm is not content with a bowel syndrome – once in the blood, are distributed on all the organs, affecting the kidneys, the liver, the heart, the brain. To blame them the man is suffering the most severe anaemia.


Toxocara are registered dogs. Children can be infected in the sandbox, where four-legged defecated. If the dog lives in the house, all the members of the family, there is the risk that defeat of this pest.

dogs the street vendors pests

All the complexity is that identifying the parasite difficult for the analysis of the cala – a biopsy will be needed. Toxocara affect not only the organs, but also the nervous system, causing convulsions and causing mental disorders.


Even a simple thing, the source of which are animals – is лямблия. Most affected children through dirty products, tap water, toys.

Giardia can be called the most "harmless" of all the parasites, because they are less engaged in the activities.


With lard and meat products in the body penetrate taenia (beef and pork), which actively affect the internal organs, izyaslau the eyes and the brain. Data parasites can lead to a mortal danger.


For decades can lurk inside a person's tapeworm, does not feed on obvious signs of life. Considerable size, and parasite – about 10 m.

When the food becomes, by activating the entire surface of his body. Enter the tapeworm to the person from the evil fish sauce, and its caviar, and from cancers.


Ancylostoma penetrates the man, not only through the esophagus – the pores of the skin are also excellent "the gate".

Its impact on human health is comparable with the exposure worm, but anaemia are expressed much more. One of the characteristic signs can be called a rash in the arts.

itching of the limbs

Alveolar and Echinococcus

But the larvae in the Alveoli and echinococcus transformed, once in the body, cysts, that settle on all the sections inside of a person. Cysts grow and compress the surrounding tissues.

Exploding cyst – a serious complication that can lead to serious consequences.

Such a variety of small representatives, simplest levels of the animal world does not leave the possibility for man to avoid contact with at least one of them.

It is therefore important to know how to identify parasites in the human body, to adopt all the measures necessary for the elimination.

The diagnosis of the presence of parasites

To support the faecal bulk for the search for the presence of eggs of helminths accounted for almost all of them. To identify the body of a man other parasites, thinking unit.

Symptoms, the doctors make the diagnosis, and then are required complex investigation which allow you to examine human organs.

Computerized diagnostics

Sometimes we need to look within to find latens there parasite. Modern medical equipment on the basis of computer technology makes this research a success.

With the help of the spectral sections of the scan of every organ, the information is processed by computer and is displayed on the screen of the monitor.

Computer and magnes resonatur tomography able to look in every cell of the body, which enables you to easily identify not only the pest, but also for their larvae.

The analysis for the presence of parasites


The hardware diagnostics are conducted, and laboratory tests. Patients prescribed not only in the analysis of stool, but control and bile, urine, blood, and phlegm. Take the scrapings of the skin, explore prianalnoy area and analyze subungual composition.

Detection is taken from the duodenal content of the tissue, the biopsy of organs, connective and muscle tissue. The most heavy condition of the patient, the more are assigned to the examinations.

Other methods of diagnosis

As well as the presence of parasites affects the immune system, it is recommended that you make and immunological research, which give a large percentage to identify the most simple.

Other methods of diagnosis are:

  1. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay — study of the relationship between antibodies and antigens in the body. This allows you to not only follow the dynamics of defeat, but also to determine the type of parasite, the "invaded" person.
  2. PCR-diagnosis – is the research of problems at the genetic level (i.e. considered the structure of the DNA of the patient). That allows you to identify and protozoa, viruses, and intracellular "aggressors".
  3. Bioresonance diagnostics — is based on the fact that the frequencies emitted man's hesitation does not coincide with the frequencies of parasites.

All of these techniques offer the possibility of rapidly identifying the parasites in the human body and understand how complex the degree of a problem that could have been avoided with greater attention to their health.

How you can protect yourself and your loved ones from parasites

For not to wonder about how to identify parasites in the body, a person needs to respect the elementary rules of hygiene and sanitation, and teach this to the children.


Laying the foundation for the house of cats, dogs and other animals, the hygiene requirements need to be solicited multiple times.

Plays an important role in the proper heat treatment of food products, their storage and salting with the observance of all the rules. Not worth to buy meat in the markets of the nature, where not has the certificate of passing laboratory tests.

Taking into consideration the above-described signs (in particular, the totality of them), it's not worth to neglect a situation, and even self-medication. It is also desirable to be diagnosed in time to stop the infection.