How to view the parasites from the body pills

Many of them are with the same problem, like worms. Medications to cleanse the body of parasites you can buy in every pharmacy, but most patients prefer the traditional methods. You will encounter a large variety of these parasites, but they always lead to health problems. Why? Suffer from the intestinal tract, reduces immunity, the men drastically lose weight. This dangerous worms. That will help you remove and prevent further appearance?


Directions for the purification

80% of all diseases are caused by parasites. Can be infected by all: this is not necessarily there, he washed the vegetables or the fruit, and still more in contact with animals. Wash your hands well after the arrival of the road does not eliminate the possibility to take the worms. Parasites in humans is a large number. Eggs of helminths are not washed away by the hot water. They are able to lead to disturbances:

  • allergy;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • problematic skin;
  • the muscle pain and cramps;
  • oncology.

If the immune system is strong, the worms will not take root in the body and do not experience negative consequences. Prescribe a treatment against parasites that can only a doctor. For this, he needs to reveal the presence of parasites in the patient and what is the worm. For this it is necessary to perform an analysis of blood and faeces, and also other types of studies. If in the analysis detected the eggs of worms, should immediately start the treatment with the immunostimulating drugs.

Cleaning methods

cleaning methods

Cleanse the body of worms effectively as possible through different means. The most important thing is to clean the body from the eggs of the worms. If you do not, then all the treatment will be недейственным. All means of transport from parasites are divided into the vernacular and drugs. The last efficient alternatives, but are not popular among the population. This is due to their high cost, and also with defectum auctoritate of the disease. Also, people scared of the side effects caused by the intake of these drugs. Animals drugs is much cheaper and apply the components that are there in every home. But these drugs have little result, and often lead to new pathologies gastro-intestinal tract (GI).

Towards alternative methods refer to techniques for Malakhov and for Semenova. The first method is to eat refer products: wormwood, ginger, cloves, and others. The reconstruction in his method recommends that you do acid enema 2 times a day: morning and evening.

Institute of both of these theories are not proven, but the people who tried them out notice an improvement in their health. This can be linked to the fact that these methods saturate the body with vitamins and clean it of toxins. Then, not worth the effort to self-medicate. Treatment with these drugs should start with the preparation for the cleaning. Antiparasitic cleaning fast pass (black worm view longer). The cleaning of the body from the parasites drugs is much faster. For the treatment is assigned to anthelmintic therapy. For the cleaning of the body needs to take the pill and powder, but not infused with the herb. Such tools can only remove the symptoms, but do not eliminate the cause.

Preparation for cleaning the body from parasites

Preparation for cleaning is a mandatory procedure. Serves to make it easier to remove the worms from the body and alleviate the consequences of excretion. To release the need to undergo procedures. Cleaning begin for 7-10 days before destroying the parasites. Procedures for cleaning:

  • The respect of a proper diet (no fatty, fried, spicy, salty), possibly vegetarianism.
  • The increase in the diet the amount of fiber.
  • The increase of fluid in the body (you may need to drink more than 2 litres of water a day).
  • Resolution of problems with constipation, if there are. Apply the course moderate laxatives, but if it does not help, then put a pair of pyrethri enemas.

Despite all the weight training, do not pay attention to it, is in no case possible. This will lead to problems to the liver (as in this case, the entire impact body takes), the DIGESTIVE system, the cardiovascular system. The consequences of excretion, without preparation, cause and other health problems.

The Schema of treatment

Morbis infectiosis has been developed a scheme of receiving antihelminthic drugs, which includes 5 stages:

  1. In the first place, take антигельминтный medication.
  2. Prescribed chelators within 5 days.
  3. In the course of 2 weeks, the instruments are used.
  4. Within 3 weeks, should take biological products.
  5. In the final phase, applying the vitamins and minerals.

Scheme of treatment from parasites: body cleaning, full cleaning from pests, recovery. The treatment depends on which method (to eliminate the drugs or the house of health) has chosen the patient. Not worth the effort to get around and the age of the patient. For small patients prescribed conservative therapy. Their body is weaker than that of an adult. For the destruction of pests, it is necessary to remove the child from the sweet. Powerful medicines lead to dehydration or дисбактериозу. Similar to the possible consequences in older people, whose immune system is already weakened. Regardless of the medication, parasites arise to the whole family. To pass a course to improve the immunity must. After the treatment in the diet and injected more fruit and vegetables of the season.

What to bring: a list of drugs

With the new advances in medicine the number of drugs for the cleaning of the body from the parasites is significantly increased. You can find medicines for every taste and wallet. Tablets to purify the body are available in any pharmacy. And this is not surprising, because the number of people who are turning to a growing problem. This is due to the human illiteracy, and contempt for the rules of hygiene, but also with an overall decline of the immune system. The following are the most popular titles and the most effective drugs against the worms:

  • "Nematol". The medication helps to eliminate any type of parasites. The course of treatment varies from 8 to 30 days. Used along with the food. Before use, the woman passes the pregnancy test and period of treatment enjoys reliable contraception. Contraindicated in pregnancy, under the age of 2 years, in the case of disease of the liver and kidneys.
  • "Dekaris" de vermis the instrument, it is taken before going to bed with a small amount of food. "Dekaris" is promptu, but it is worth repeating the technique 2-3 weeks. The drug is contraindicated in breastfeeding women and for children up to 3 years.
  • "Vermoxum". It is taken from 3 days to several weeks. Between contraindications, pregnancy, breastfeeding, ulcerative colitis and other chronic diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. Is contraindicated under the age of 3 years. In diabetes mellitus when taking this medication reduces the entry of insulin.
  • "Helmintox". The most delicate of all the drugs to destroy the parasites. Contraindicated for people who suffer from severe renal insufficiency, and also infants up to 6 months. During pregnancy and lactation eliminate helminths with the help of this medication under the supervision of a physician, if absolutely necessary.

Funds for children

All of these tools can be used in the treatment of parasites in children. Dose is individually depending on the drug, weight and age. View helminths in children should a parassitologo. Deduce the tool does not save the liver of the patient. In this list you can add the name of such drugs:

  • "Pyrantel". Is allowed for children over the age of 6 months. Are possible an increase of the temperature, stomach pain, skin rashes, and other side effects.
  • "Albendazole". Calculation of the dose depends on the weight. The drug is contraindicated in under 2 years.
  • "Mebendazole". It is contraindicated in under 2 years. Do not take the medication in case of violation of the work of the kidneys. The dose depends on the weight of the child and the type of parasite.

The side effects of the therapy

Almost all of the drugs against the parasites cause side effects. Even the best therapy will not get rid of them. To get rid of the worms sick to tolerate the discomfort. When a similar treatment is mainly suffering from the liver. It is a natural filter of the body, and any remedy against parasites is a kind of poison. Are parasites painful. The excretion of parasites leads to side effects:

  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting or nausea;
  • darkening of the eyes, disturbances of consciousness (in rare cases hallucinations);
  • cramps and many others.

Folk remedies

the traditional methods

Due to the fact that the drugs are toxic, including the population of the popular animal medications to get rid of parasites. An effective tool for the fight against pests in the home to collect difficult. Home medicine has at its disposal a large number of recipes. Remove the parasites from the body, perhaps with the help of plant seeds (flax, pumpkin, and others), but also aromatic herbs (sage, st. john's wort, and others).

Can be removed with the help of garlic and pine cones. Are widely used mushrooms and nuts. Grapefruit with parasites — an effective tool. Many argue that expel the parasites will help enema.