Parasites in the human body: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Parasites in the human body the phenomenon unpleasant, and at least once in their lives, each of us facing this disease. This article focuses of the most common parasites in the body, their symptoms and methods of dealing with them.

the presence of parasites in the body

The most common ones in our digestive tract are tapeworms and nematodes — ossiuri, roundworms. They attack even the most simple, or giardia. Hard to believe, but parasitic diseases are among the most common in the world. Only one in 10 people avoid parasitism during the whole life. About 300 species of worms can live in the human body.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to detect not only in the intestine. The worms are in the lungs, liver, brain, muscles, joints and the skin. They cause allergies, headaches, sleep problems and weight.

Therefore, experts of alternative medicine, before starting any treatment, initially recommend dewormed in the body.

Parasites in the human body and their symptoms:

  • itching in the anus;
  • pain in the abdominal area;
  • the diarrhea is replaced frequent constipation;
  • the bad smell from the mouth;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • a persistent cough is not susceptible to the conventional treatment;
  • fatigue;
  • allergic reactions (appearance of spots on the skin, other skin rashes);
  • the feeling agitatione under the skin;
  • muscle aches;
  • the strong swelling;
  • a rich slimy chair.

If You find any of these symptoms, it Is necessary to consult a doctor immediately!

Basic and common types of parasites in humans



Small round worms. Their value varies from 3 to 10 cm Properly a symptom of the infection is considered to be the strongest
itching in the anus. Very often, when combing the eggs of the parasites fall under the nails. There is the possibility of infection through a handshake.

To counter use антигельминтные medicines, for example, Pyrantel, Dekaris, Wormius, Vermoxum, Piperazine, Nematol. The dose and duration of therapy choose the doctor.


De of toxocariosi is considered to be one of the most dangerous parasitic diseases. The larvae, which cause the disease, are found not only in the digestive tract, but in all types of organs, these as the eyes or the brain. After receiving the eggs in the gastro-intestinal tract of their eggs hatch into larvae that initially attach themselves to the walls of the small intestine, and migrate from the blood to the liver. Most of them remain in this organ. However, some of the larvae leave the liver and continue the migration — the lungs, the central nervous system ( brain , spinal cord, or the cerebellum), the lower part of the eye, myocardium, or muscle.

For the treatment of toxocariosi De apply антигельминтные tablet Mebendazole and Albendazole.


Ascaris is a round worm that lives in a narrow intestinal tract. Ascariasis is a disease of dirty hands, lotis of fruits and vegetables. The eggs of the worms that live in the soil, then transferred on to food. Often hurt the kids, and the inhabitants of the rural area.

A clear symptom of аскаридоза considered allergic skin rashes.

Patients prescribed depending on the stage of the disease these drugs, such as Piperazine, Tiabendazol, Levamisole, Pyrantel, Dekaris, Mebendazole.



Ancylostoma is a parasite of the man of the family of the nematodes.Of getting the most possible use lotis fruit and vegetables or even when you walk barefoot on the earth. In Russia the chances of contracting this parasite is small, but the chances of meeting him increase dramatically in warm and humid climates of the Mediterranean and south Asia. Attention on the town, walk in the shoes, especially if damaged or scratched the skin of feet and hands. The symptoms can be diarrhoea, skin rashes, vomiting, swelling of the face and limbs.

The treatment is reduced to receive deworming tablets Pyrantel, Vermoxum, Levamisole.


Лямблия — egotistic simple parasite. Lives and reproduces in the intestine, causing an infection of the small intestine known as giardiasis. When found in the human gut, this leads to inflammation and other damage, reducing the ability of the intestine to absorb the food, causing diarrhea.

The parasite is very resistant to water treatment and, as is well known, there is the drinking water.

Symptoms: diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, weight loss, a characteristic rash

Treatment with Antiprotozoal drug Tinidazole, Metronidazole

A tapeworm

The contamination of a wide intecom called Difillobotrios. The primary method of human infection is the fish. In Russia the samples of a wide lentetsa live in the basins of the siberian rivers and lakes.

Worm has a length of up to 10 metres and sometimes even more. The parasite attach to the mucosa of the small intestine and of the body with the help of suction cups, are located on its head.

For the treatment of a wide lentetsa is often the prescribed course Biltricid. The drug paralyzes fully worm and is in a natural way by a man.

Pork цепень

Cysticercosis is a disease caused by a small cylinder of pork tapeworm. The infection occurs following consumption of raw or insufficiently cooked pork containing the larvae of these worms.
Symptoms: convulsions , eye disorders, mental disorders, loss of weight, muscle pain.

For the treatment of the patient is admitted to a hospital. Prescribed антигельминтные drugs (Praziquantel, Niclosamide). For the processing of the cysticercosis of the eye and the brain, it is necessary for the surgical intervention.

Toro цепень

toro цепень

Toro цепень tape is a parasite that enters the human body through infected beef. Reaches the 12 metres of length. Able to live in the body of a host of tens of years. The disease takes a chronic condition and it is called vulputate tapeworm infectio (Taeniarhynchus). The disease manifests itself in the form of allergic-type hives or denying, but it is much less pronounced. Can also be abdominal pain, the faeces during the release of the larvae of the parasite to the outside.

The doctor often prescribes Fenasala or Biltricid. The worm dies and goes to the person in a natural way. During the treatment are put in parallel cleaning enemas.


Trichinella is one of the most dangerous parasitic diseases. Round worms in the larval stage they live in the muscles of wild animals, such as bears, boars, elks. This disease are particularly vulnerable to the hunters.

Even after a careful heat treatment of this parasite does not die until the end. Curing and smoking meat, also, is not able to decontaminate the product. The only sure way to avoid infection by trichinellae is to buy the meat, tried it in the sale.

Symptoms: diarrhea, loss of appetite, muscle pain, swelling of the eyelids, rashes on the skin. High temperature up to 40 degrees.

The treatment is very complex and requires an immediate intervention and a hospital stay. Doctors prescribe Mintezol, Albendazole, and a number of other antihistamines substances.

Attention! If You suspect Трихинеллез, you should immediately consult a physician.

What are the analysis to be done to identify the parasite

There are many ways to identify the presence of parasites in the human body. The old method is duodenalnoe sensing. The patient is administered in a rubber probe length 1.5 m in the mouth and push up to the duodenum. Following a common method of detection parasitica var. infection is the control of the chair. Unfortunately, this method is designed only for 12-20% efficiency.

Listed below are the modern methods of diagnosis

  • A blood test
  • Try to биорезонанс
  • ULTRASOUND of the internal organs
  • Computed tomography
  • The analysis of the DNA of the parasite

How to avoid infection by parasites. Prevention

Comply with the basic rules for the prevention, and avoid many of the problems with parasites:

  • Frequent washing of the hands above the elbows
  • Do not touch stray animals
  • After the games, the sandbox necessarily wash the hands of a child, watch that they dont papaver in her mouth fingers and toys with roads
  • Regularly the sink of the house with the use of special antibacterial agents
  • Fruit and vegetable process water boiling
  • Meat beat around the bush with a lot of attention
  • Do not drink the tap water. Boil
  • Spends anti-parasitica var. cleaning pet time in a year and a half to the vet

I hope our article is useful for You. Be in health!