Turn the corner of parasites in the body in adults: how to hack home

As is well known, the human body is a complex open system that interacts constantly with the external environment. For this reason the settlement of micro-organisms in the internal organs is a completely natural process. In the meantime, even the useful organisms, there is the risk of penetration of parasites.

With age, the problems encountered in adult activities parasitic creatures in the form of fungi, protozoa, bacteria, worms, are worse. To avoid complications and the development of various diseases, it is recommended that you tack parasites that live in the human body.

The symptoms of the presence of infection caused by parasites

The presence of parasites in the body

The presence of parasites in the human body can signal a variety of symptoms.

Often the patient's metabolism, it breaks down the immune system, on the skin in the beings, you can see an allergic reaction such as rash.

Also infection may report the following signs:

  • Loose stools, diarrhea frequent, pain in the abdomen;
  • Muscle and joint pain;
  • A sudden drop or increase in weight;
  • The depressive state, feeling of weakness and chronic fatigue;
  • The man is often ill with colds;
  • The blood pressure constantly jumps;
  • The white of the eyes become yellowish tinge;
  • During sleep the patient creak of the teeth.
For the infestation of parasites can indicate the development of iron deficiency anemia, bronchial asthma, inflammatory diseases of the organs and mammary. Often it is observed the appearance of warts, cracks on the heels, pigmentation and pus on the skin in the beings.

Ways to destroy the parasites from the human body

To get rid of worms and other parasites, requires time. The treatment consists in the creation of pests, the conditions in which they are not able to continue his life. The therapy takes place in a complete manner and under the control of the doctor. In addition, drugs are used that support the functioning of the liver.

The cleaning of the body from the pathogens includes several steps:

  • Bland diet;
  • The excretion of parasites from the body;
  • The use of antihistamines and medications to get rid of an allergic reaction;
  • How to get rid of the intoxication of the body;
  • The prevention of the disease and re-infection.

Drugs against the parasites that make cleaning of the body, are divided into:

  • Synthesized;
  • Plant;
  • Homeopathic.

The most effective are considered to be medicines, as well as act quickly and efficiently. This treatment allows to eliminate the pathogenic microorganisms for two months. However, the drugs are toxic and can cause damage to your health. Also the parasites often adapt to a chemical agent.

The most safe are herbal medicines, which fails to prevent the development and reproduction of the helminths. The security lies in the fact that the herbs do not kill parasites, and contribute to their elimination from the body. A similar treatment based on herbs takes place throughout the month.

In modern times, it is widely used for the treatment of homeopathy. However, in a similar method you need to find a homeopath expert who will be able to choose the scheme of the therapy and to determine the exact dosage. The fact is that the homeopathic medicines are selected strictly individual, otherwise, the treatment effect will not be.

Consider, who is contra-indicated output to pests in the home. Engage in rearing parasites from the body of man is possible only in agreement with the doctor and after a complete study. It is also important to consider that in some cases there are contraindications to the medication.

In particular, in the house you can not make the farming of organisms pathogenic for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Not worth the risk, if a person there are severe diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, non-smoking, self-medication people that was previously a heart attack or a stroke.

In the same way you can't do is clean the body from parasites, cancer, SARS, influenza, high temperature, exacerbation of any chronic disease, severe renal and hepatic failure, gastric ulcer, erosion on the gastric mucosa. Women are not allowed to tack parasites during menstruation.

Preparation to eliminate the parasites from the body

preparation for the removal of vermin

Before starting treatment at home, you have to go through a full medical examination, the exams and the true diagnose the disease. The doctor, after a patient search will prescribe the therapy with the help of drugs, that it is necessary to pass completely.

Moreover, it provides the treatment of the secondary diseases that may occur in the context of parasitic infections. Home therapy can be carried out only in the case in which, if there are no contraindications and serious diseases.

On the eve of the purification of the body is necessary to follow a diet, do not eat fatty and heavy meals, sweet. Are recommended fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh fruit juices. Material diet lasts for one to two weeks.

In addition, it is necessary to follow the correct way of drinking. The day you need to drink at least two litres of drinking water. Before the procedure, be sure to clean the kidneys, intestines and liver. The intestine is eliminated with the help of enemas with the use of decoctions, herbal. The decoction is added to sage, yarrow, tanaceto, calendula, chamomile.

The Method Of Hilda Clark

This is the most famous technique, that allows you to view helminths, parasites, protozoa, bacteria and viruses. Purification of the human body takes place with the use of hair dye products green peel walnut, dried herbs of sage, clove.

To prepare the tincture, 15 immature nuts cleaned out, received the shell, pour 0.5 liters of alcohol or vodka. The dough thus obtained is put in a sunny place and aged for 30 days, after which the dye is retracted in a dark place.

Take the medicine in the morning before a meal. The first day the dose is 1 drop of medication into 100 ml of water. Next each day you add a drop. On the sixth day are added to the water two teaspoons of drugs. Take a tincture for the whole year.

Also according to the method take in the evening before eating the powder of the artemisia in the amount of a teaspoon, a medication necessarily washing with water. During the first two days of taking half of a teaspoon, then every two days increase dosage to half a teaspoon. Catching the medication over the course of two weeks. Then in advance make every day in the morning, 0.5 teaspoon in the course of the year.

The powder of cloves use for the admission in the morning before a meal. The first day of eating a pea in the dust, during the second day – two drops of water. Via take for the whole week, three pea. Then for the prevention eat every week for three pea powder.

The Method Ivanchenko

the method ivanchenko

This method is suitable for those who do not have the possibility to use green walnut. For the treatment used: feverfew, wormwood and powdered clove.

100 g of ground powder tanaceto mixed with 30 g of the powder of artemisia and 50 g of powder of cloves. The compound identified in the dry a glass jar and store in a dark, dry place. The dosage of this medicine is a teaspoon without slides.

The first day you drink a dose of the collection in the morning, 30 minutes before meals. During the second day the dose is taken twice in the morning and in the afternoon before eating. Forward a medication three times per day for the whole week. At the end of treatment for the prevention, adopted a dosage of once a week.

There is also a second option of cooking. For this we use the flowers of calendula, cumin seeds and root of calamus. Herbs and roots carefully worked reduced to a powder and mixed in a ratio of 1 part calamus and cumin and 2 parts of calendula.

Dust identify dry up in a glass jar. Take the medication received half an hour before meals, according to a scheme similar to the first recipe.

The excretion of parasites to the traditional methods

For the cleaning of a person's body from parasites often use food clay. This method is particularly suitable for those who have hyperacidity of the gastric juice, however, the fight against parasites in the human body, folk remedies should be constantly and here are a few recipes:

  • To prepare the beverage of health, a small amount of clay added to a glass of clean water until you get a consistency that reminds of the milk. The solution has to rest for half an hour. Capture the drug for 20 minutes before eating in the morning and in the evening, the pellet has to leave. After a month of treatment the instrument to take two times a week for prevention.
  • Not less efficiency has cinnamon. Took the scheme, a similar scheme of reception of the powder of cloves. Single dosage is 1/8 teaspoon. For the prevention of cinnamon added to cereal, fruit salad, dessert, drinks.
  • Known and proven tool against parasites is purified kerosene. The treatment begins with the receipt of a few drops added to a sugar cube. The therapy takes place in the morning, cut after the man woke up. Gradually, in the course of the month, the dose increases up to a teaspoon. For the prevention of kerosene is taken once a week.
  • It helps to get rid of worms herbal baths. The solution is composed of the root of calamus, the roots девясила, mint leaves, chamomile flowers, thyme, yarrow. Grass pour hot water, to it is added a couple of cumin seeds, the resulting mixture is infused in the course of a few hours. Solution ready to pour into a warm bath, a person must be in a bathtub for at least 20 minutes.

Effective folk remedy are considered pumpkin seeds. The seeds carefully chew and eat every day in quantities of 100 pieces. For a better therapeutic effect are mixed with liquid honey, the same tool can be used for enema.

Also the roasted pumpkin seeds can be mixed with other divided in four cloves of garlic and two tablespoons of honey. Compound infusion for 12 hours and eaten. As an option, 200 g of pumpkin seeds ground in a coffee grinder and add the milk. The mixture to drink plenty of water.

The processing hardware methods

the processing hardware methods

Modern medicine are designed for special devices that allow you to carry out the cleaning of the human body from parasitic creatures. Their action is to fix the frequency of oscillation of helminth, with this comes the discovery. Through the exposure to certain frequencies of the waves comes the death of adult worms and their larvae.

Such a device can not only kill pathogenic microorganisms, but also to prevent infection. This is a huge advantage machine is considered to be the possibility of exposure of the worms, the parasites outside of the intestine.

Similar to the excretion of parasites is very safe, effective and can be done at home. However, at the least, can be attributed to the inability of the destruction of the eggs of the parasites, then the treatment may not be possible. If the infestation is massive, a strong impact on the worms can cause a strong intoxication of the body. For this reason, the device can only be used in an early stage of infection, after basic treatment, or for prevention.