How to determine if there are worms in human?

Find out if there are parasites of man in the first stage of infection, is sufficient not only. In fact, for the detection, it is necessary to their numerical increase. The larvae are not able to parasitize, then no symptoms.

When a colony of adult worms will begin to parasitize in the body, they can identify the diagnostic. Parasites can be found in every organ in persons, including the heart, liver, lungs, and brain. Often the person does not suspect the presence of worms.

the presence of parasites

How do I know if a person parasites?

A correct diagnosis is often difficult because of the variety of manifestations of parasitic infestations. Why helminthology contains about 240 types of parasites of varying size. For them, man is capable of being, as a transition, and the main host. Biotics life helminths flows in the body of persons wholly or partially.

To know the hidden presence of parasites in the body can be of the problems of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. This is connected with the localization of the main types of worms only in the intestine, and their impact on the intestinal wall, and reference eggs in the cavity.

Sometimes excessive thinness with an increase in appetite can indicate the presence of parasites. If there are no problems with the metabolism and endocrinology, the lack of weight gain or, vice versa, the rushing together of obesity is one of the main signs of injury worms.

What are parasites that live in the human body — types of

The main types of parasites in the human body:

  1. Annelid worms – ossiuri, ascaris, trichuris trichuris.
  2. Flukes – the flounder infest the, of flounder.
  3. The subcutaneous worms – clamps, etc
  4. Koljuchegolovye worms (скребни).
  5. Band worms – trematode, cestodosis (taenia, лентецы).
  6. Simple worms – amoeba, giardia.
  7. Translucens parasites that inhabit the intestine are over 100 species.
  8. Fabric pests, there are in the tissues of the muscles, lungs, brain, lymphatic vessels.

How do I know if there are parasites in the human body — the symptoms

The most common symptoms of the presence in the human body of worms:

  • Constipation. The parasite, which reaches large size, it can block the intestinal lumen. This would lead to a deterioration of the intestinal motility and constipation.
  • Diarrhea (diarrhoea). Simple worms produce hormone-sicut substances that cause fluid chair.
  • The irritable bowel syndrome. The inflammation of the intestine, with the consequent reduction of the absorption of useful fatty substances. As a consequence — increase in the content of fat in the faeces.
  • Flatulence. The worms can contribute vestibulum in the intestine.
  • Problems with the skin – may indicate infection, amoeba, Giardia, or fungi.
  • Pain in the joints. The parasite around the human body in search of a comfortable place of residence, can lead to articular headache, to cause tissue injury.
  • The anaemia. Some worms are capable of lignum to the walls of the intestine and feed on nutrients, as a consequence anemia.
  • Sleep disorders. The awakening during the night, it can cause the liver, trying to rid itself of toxins.
  • The nervousness. Increased nervous irritability, it may be the result allocated to the toxins parasites.
  • Bruxism (grinding the teeth at night). Considered to be the echo of the nerves of the stimulus.
  • Chronic fatigue. Caused a deficit of useful and nutrients, despite the food quality.
  • Poor immunity. Worms weaken the immune system, with consequent reduction of the production of protective immunoglobulin.
  • Respiratory diseases. The worms move in the body, and also for the respiratory tract. Sometimes the signs of ARI may be a manifestation of worms.
  • Oncology. Crash immunity to the poisoning of the body, traumatic impact on the fabric and the organs, but also a shortage of nutrients causes the development of cancer cells.

The signs of the defeat of a man helminths is an allergic reaction:

  • the itching;
  • hives;
  • skin rashes;
  • the increase of the temperature;
  • Angioedema.

The degree of severity of the allergy depends on the localization of the helminth in the body, its direct contact with organs and tissues, and to quantify the production of toxins.

How to check if there are worms, a man with no analysis

Not always, there is the possibility to go to a clinic, to be diagnosed, to deliver the beds of analysis for the detection of worms. Is it possible to know if there are worms, a man with no analysis and at home.

For this it is necessary to focus the attention on the following symptoms:

  • unexplained temperature;
  • poor appetite;
  • itching of the anus;
  • bad breath;
  • children – hyperactivity disorder;
  • salivation during the night.
  • the gag reflex during the cleaning of the teeth;
  • the need of sweet;
  • brittle nails, problems with hair;
  • often appear the disease.

How to determine if we are the worms of the child

The most easy to learn of worms in the body in the rearing phase. You should do a blood test that detects antibodies – reaction to pests to the toxins, and the analysis of the feces for the eggs of the worms. For the detection of the child in the anal hole opisthorchiasis, it is sufficient to attach the adhesive-backed paper, and through the time on it will show the eggs.

Parasites in the human body the treatment

Worming carried out therapy with the method. All the drugs used quite toxic to humans. Therefore, it is necessary to respect the instructions.

They are most commonly used drugs: albendazole, levamisole, piperazine, Pyrantel, mepacrine, praziquantel.

During the basic treatment for a better effect, you need to follow the diet. To eliminate fat, smoked and sweet. The treatment is not valid for the eggs of the parasites, therefore, it is necessary to drink a therapeutic of a drug after 2 weeks.

The treatment of worms and parasites folk remedies

recipes from parasites

In the house the treatment of worms folk and a half, is oriented not only to the elimination of parasites, but also for the rehabilitation of the body. Positive results you can get thanks to the pumpkin seeds or flax fasting, yogurt with garlic, infusion of oak bark, enemas with bicarbonate of sodium, and even cleaning the preparation of data collection: oak bark, flowers of tanaceto, grass, sage, buckthorn bark.

The use of the products:

The infusion of mushrooms chanterelles effective when the worms, because it contains special substances have a negative influence on them.

For the infusion: 100 g. chopped fresh chanterelles pour 300 ml of alcohol, insist, shaking occasionally, under the lid closed for about 3 weeks.

Eating the infusion of 1 teaspoon before I go to sleep 1 month. Chanterelles not only bring out the worms, but to stimulate the immune system