Cleanse the body from parasites

Malaise, fatigue, digestive disorders – all these are the symptoms of parasites, toxins, that have a negative influence on the functioning of the internal organs. To prevent the development of parasitic infestations, of acute intoxication, clean the body from parasites.

Folk remedies against parasites

As A result of the mass death of worms under the influence of anthelmintic drugs can occur intestinal obstruction, acute intoxication of the body. To avoid this phenomenon, turn to the treatment folk remedies.

soda enema parasites

Soda enema

Do an enema can be according to the method of Medvedev. In hot water (800 ml), stir 6 tsp of baking soda. With the help of a special ability to enter a cooled solution (28-35 degrees) into the anus and keep the fluid in the rectum for about 25-30 minutes.

The tool works well, parasites and toxins, disinfects and heals the injured of worms intestinal wall. Cleaning service baking soda is very effective after the adoption of de-worming medicines.

Brandy and castor oil

To destroy the parasites in need of a good cognac and castor oil.

The specificity of the treatment:

  • in the morning on an empty stomach for a couple of days to drink 50 g of liqueur and 50 ml of olive oil and castor oil;
  • after 3-5 minutes, drink the sweet green tea.

As A result of laxative effect medications after a while what happens is the cleaning of the body from the defused cognac parasites.

The expulsion of parasites infusions

In effective way to clean the body from the screws without the end, waste products and toxins will need healing herbs, taken in equal parts (1 teaspoon):

herbal tea against parasites

  • wormwood;
  • yarrow;
  • st. john's wort;
  • tanacetum;
  • helichrysum;
  • chamomile;
  • the bark of the oak;
  • the sea buckthorn.

Mix all ingredients and put in a thermos, pour ½ liter of boiling water, leave it for a night. Infused filtered drink 100 ml in the morning at fasting for 10 days, then give the body a break (3-5 days) and repeat the cleaning. It is important not to use other tools against the parasites.

The fight with the worms, wormwood

To destroy the parasites and get them out, you can use wormwood powder. The specificity of the therapy:

  • the morning fasting to eat a pinch of powdered herbs;
  • the 2 day increase the dose up to 0,25 h. l.;
  • Day 3 you can eat 1/3 of a teaspoon of the substances;
  • on the morning of day 4, we recommend that you take a half-teaspoon of powder.

Increasing the daily dosage of a quarter of a teaspoon you need to reach ½ tablespoon of A dose of medication to take still 6 days in a row. For this time, wormwood will help to remove the worms throughout the digestive tract.

Purification of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and honey

cleaning pumpkin seeds and honey

Poison the infection by parasites, and hunt out is possible with the help of another effective home remedy. It is necessary to take 300 g of dried pumpkin seeds and 15 ml of honey. Grind the seeds to the state of the cereal and carefully mix with the beeswax with the product. We recommend that you take the medication on an empty stomach in the morning. Particularly well intrusive tool that helps in the treatment of a child, when many pharmacy medicines prohibited.

Service of cleaning of rice

It is necessary to prepare four pre-numbered capacity (in cups), in which the rice will be filled with water.

Day 1 – sleep in a container with 2-3 tablespoons of rice and cover with cold water, do not cover;

Day 2 – the contents of the first beaker to drain, rinse and again to pour cold water, then for the same principle to fill the glass;

Day 3 – illustration of the two tanks to wash, put it back and pour a new portion of water, and 3 a glass, put 2-3 tablespoons of new rice and add the water.

Day 4 – three cups of to wash the rice and cover with fresh water, and 4 insert a new portion of the grain, and repeat the procedure, as on the previous day.

5 days from the first glass need to drain the water and put it at the end of the series, after having made a new manipulation of soaking grains. Drain the water from rice and boil until half or eat it raw. So it produces a good purifying effect. After a breakfast of this type-we recommend 4 hours there is nothing. Lunch and dinner remain normal. The treatment lasts not less than 2 months.

Heal from the parasites can be, in case, if you use the therapy is complete (pharmacy, medicines and folk remedies), and strictly follow the directions of the specialist.

Cleaning Semenova

cleaning parasites for semenova

Traditional healer of Hope for Reconstruction, has developed an effective cleanser with a base of cranberry juice. The essence of the method is to eliminate helminths via rectal insertion of the therapeutic liquid.

In an enema, pour 2 liters of water (26-27 degrees), add 10 to 15 ml of cranberry juice, and 1 tablespoon of salt. Insert the liquid into the rectum and as long as we can keep inside. After this procedure, the person feels more stimuli to the toilet. The highest is the last process of defecation, when stool the masses are large parasites, mucus, and their waste products. The procedure is recommended 2 times a day – early in the morning and no later than seven in the evening.

After complete cleaning, it is still necessary to 10-12 days to drink apple juice or decoction of chamomile. This will allow you to enhance the regeneration of damaged cells of the intestinal mucosa.

Purification of Boris Medvedev

In the fight with helminthiasis, dr. Boris Medvedev developed a whole program, which is based on several principles:

cleaning of boris medvedev

  • the use of drugs based on natural components;
  • during get rid of worms adhere to the diet with a doctor – eliminate all the fat, sweet, fried, emphasis on fruits and vegetables;
  • rationally use as a remedy against worms.

Medvedev offers free from pests with the help of enemas with baking soda, and pumpkin seeds (the recipes are shown above). In the case of distribution of helminths in the whole body doctor recommended that the unique technique of simultaneous processing and purification.

Serves the juice of half a lemon, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive, corn), aloe juice (15 ml), and the same amount of boiled water. Mix everything together, and take on an empty stomach in the morning. The course of treatment 3-9 months. During this period, all the organs are freed from the parasites, the body recovers more stronger the immune system.

Prevention of infestations

To prevent a new infestation of parasites, perhaps, if the time to carry out the measures of prevention and hygiene:

  1. wash your hands after using the toilet, walks in the open air, in contact with the animals;
  2. give the gift of a thermal treatment of food products;
  3. the time to do the prevention of the worms – consume substances against pests in the fall and in the spring, when the body is especially weakened;
  4. do a intestinal cleansing popular ways of not less than 2 times a year.

It is important to remember that the consumption of drugs for the prevention of helminthiasis should be agreed with your doctor, as not all medicines are suitable for this.

The cleaning of the body from the parasites must be comprehensive and include traditional and traditional methods. Above all, all of the procedures for the removal of worms from the body, carried home, carried out in accordance with the instructions and the suggestions of a specialist, to avoid negative reactions, and worsening of the disease.