Parasites in Your body: how to get rid of?

Parasites in Your body

Assign a treatment regimen can infectious disease or gastroenterologist on the basis of the results of the analysis. He will help you choose the best and most secure for the man with the tools to drive out the worms without any consequences for the organism.

Self-medication in this case is very dangerous: pills by the worms rather toxic, they have a lot of contraindications. The wrong choice without taking into account the type of worms the drug, as a minimum, will be ineffective. When you exceed the dosage of these drugs may cause serious poisoning.

De-worming drugs: how do they work?

Anti-invasion therapy is done with the help of different drugs. They differ in mode of action on larvae and adults.

Drugs can pick up the worms in different ways.

What happens to the worms after the taking of the medication:

  • The drugs paralyze the helminth, resulting in the detachment from the intestinal wall.
  • Strong medicines kill the action of the poison. The dosage is dangerous for a small worm, but not dangerous for adult men.
  • Changes occur in the body of the elminto, which make it impossible for his food to be. The parasite dies of starvation.
  • Make the shell of the elminto unstable to the penetration of calcium. At the end parasites digested in the intestine and are eliminated with feces masses.
  • Destroy the shell of the egg, which allows you to kill the larvae before they become sexually mature specimens.

The monitoring programs also include sorbenti. At the time of death, the parasites produce toxins. After death, decompose with the release of toxins. This causes complete poisoning of the host organism. Then apply the medicines, capable to bind poisons and them evacuate. Also prescribe soft laxatives that will help you quickly clean the intestine from dead worms.

That drinking an adult to worms, to quickly get rid of parasites?

Worming is carried out:

  • Pharmacy medicines disposable. The pill – depends on the type of worms.
  • Drugs against the worms, drinking the course from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Folk remedies. There is a lot of popular recipes from the worms, but most are designed for a long course of treatment.

What are the de-worming medicines?

de-worming drugs

Modern medicines against worms are available in the form of:

  • Tablets.
  • Drops. The drops usually contain a complete pest control, have universal an anthelmintic action, help the body to quickly be cleansed from poisons and restore the normal functioning of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract.
  • Suspension. Suspension more suitable for children who have difficulty in swallowing the tablets.

It is difficult to define the most effective method of a drug which certainly helps to get rid of worms. The efficiency depends on the type of helminth, the degree of contamination, the individual characteristics of the body.

If the patient has tried to heal themselves against the worms, the parasites could develop resistance to some existing substances.

Depending on the active ingredient medicines are:

  • drugs against the worms with a broad spectrum, effective against all types of worms;
  • against a type or group of pests.
The generic drug is effective in the majority of cases, but does not give you an absolute guarantee to quickly get rid of helminths.

What is the cost of drugs from the worms – it depends on the active substance, the availability of additional components and the country of origin.

A good medication against the worms to take to quickly get rid of the worms?

Often on the internet people ask for "Advice on low-cost a product full of worms for the whole family", searching for reviews on medicines at low cost, whose names are on everyone's lips.

This error of strategy, that it is unlikely that will help you heal from helminthiasis, and with great probability of causing damage. A pill that helps adult can cause a severe poisoning of the child.

A new generation of drugs less toxic, but they also have a number of contraindications and warnings.

Invasion of the infestation of a serious illness, the treatment, which must engage a specialist. If you decide to quickly get rid of the tablets from the symptoms of helminthiasis, preferably pre-tests, and then choose exactly the medicine that really help.

Secure thing in this case – buy natural, herbal, prevention tools: you will create in the body conditions of discomfort to the pests, but without damage to the man himself. They act slowly, but they do not cause poisoning and intoxication.

The majority of these funds helps to restore the balance of vitamins and minerals, eliminate toxins, accelerate the regeneration of intestinal mucosa. But when a large number of worms may be ineffective.

Because patients with helminthiasis long treated:

  • Some medications kill only the adult individuals. The larvae remain on, and after 2-3 weeks, turn into adult worms. In this period, it is necessary to a new medication.
  • The fight against the worms may be delayed, when some of the worms form a resistance to the individual substances. Therefore, the drug should be changed.
  • If the infection there are the members of the family, or the patient himself does not adhere to personal hygiene, it is possible to re-infection. Then also need to treat in a room of all the people who live under the same roof.

How to correctly take a vermifuge?

Which is better: take a tablet or drink a course of medicines? You need to consider the type and degree of contamination, as well as the characteristics of the main action anthelmintic component. Some drugs act directly, others only with the accumulation of the active substance in the body.

The rules of admission to anthelmintic drugs:

  • At least a week to diet: eliminate sweets, cakes, alcohol, sweets and fruit juices. Eat more fiber-rich foods. For a couple of days before taking the medication giving up meat. If you apply the treatment, the diet must comply with all of the time.
  • A few hours prior to administration of the drug (5-6) drink absorbent. Repeat the technique absorbent after 3-4 hours after.
  • At the same time with the medication or after a couple of hours to drink a mild laxative.
This is a common scheme of treatment. More detailed directions are specified in the instructions to the drug.

That drinking person when infestation by helminth, if the tablets are contraindicated?

herbs helminth

Fight with helminths in a long time and not only. But sometimes it is the only way out, for example, during pregnancy, if a person has a chronic disease of the liver and intestines, kidneys, and other serious diseases, in which pharmacological treatment can be dangerous.

Folk remedies against helminths:

  • The onion and the garlic – rich foods, the production of volatile.
  • Absinthe – efficient, but rather the toxic tool. Take with caution, not to take in pregnancy and children.
  • The tincture of the walls of the walnut – strong folk remedy, effective almost against all types of parasites.
  • Pumpkin seeds – a safe tool that can save the child from the worms.

Diet of worms: which foods help to etch worms in the body?

In the presence of the parasites is possible, not all of the products. Limit sweets, dairy products, baked goods will help you to deny pests food, make them weaker.

A list of products that you must include in your diet:

  • Fresh vegetables – beets, carrots, celery.
  • Honey – great substitute for sweets. It can also be used as a decoy, if you use the traditional methods.
  • The unleavened bread wheat.
  • Porridge.
  • Lean meat in small quantities.
  • Spices and aromatic herbs.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Herbal teas instead of the usual tea and coffee making facilities.
What are the best drugs to use is better than the cure transmitted, in a hurry? If the doctor has provided a choice of different means, it's worth reading the reviews about them, to choose what is less likely to cause side effects and well tolerated.

Prevention of helminthiasis

For the prevention of helminthiasis, it is necessary to respect the rules of personal hygiene - wash hands before eating, after contact with animals or travelling in the transport. It is necessary to wash thoroughly and wash with boiling water fruit and vegetables, abide by the rules of heat treatment of meat and fish.

A correct power supply (at least of sugar, a maximum of fiber) will help to create in the intestine the conditions in which the worms die once, and not being able to and interested in the mucosa. It is also necessary to maintain the functioning of the immune system to recognize and neutralize the parasites.

Preventive treatment is necessary to pass all those who had contact with the patient. But independently powerful technique of funds with the aim of preventing something that is better not to do, in order not to damage the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and throughout the body.